Not Tahtmk Trivia

How anxious the cause of his main concern is despicable petty negligible.
And maximize their young in the eye of the small
And smaller in the eye of the great great things
Look at the hypocrites, it dropped the cooler and Hmmanm their opponents. These words: I do not emigrate in the heat, give me permission to not missed, rugged our homes, we fear disaster may befall us, what we have promised God and His Messenger but delusion.
 Oh this Almaatts disappointment, what a misery these souls.
Hum stomachs, dishes and the role and limitations, did not raise their eyes to the sky ideals,
Did not look to the stars never virtues. Are one and the amount of his knowledge: his mount and the cloak of the blessing and Madpth, and see for a huge sector of people see them day and night cause concerns a dispute with the wife or son or relative or obscene language or hear the word's position is frivolous. The misfortunes of these people, they do not have destinations upper distract them, have no concerns venerable what fills their time, they said: If the water came out of the jar, filled the air, if you think about it you are interested in him and Tgtm, is it worth the effort and worth it, because you I gave him of your mind and your flesh and blood, your comfort and your time, and this injustice in the deal and a huge loss for them cheap, and psychologists say make everything a reasonable level, and believe this verse: (may God made ​​everything much) so give the issue size and weight, amount and beware of injustice, extremism .
The righteous hum of these companions under the tree to meet Baia, Vnaloa, God bless, and a man puts his camel with them until his death, was selling his punishment of deprivation and self-hatred.
Vatrah trivia and engage the more you find that your worries about you and I went back with joy happy.