Do not forget the prayer

(O you who believe, seek help in patience and prayer)
If Dahmk Toqk fear and grief, and take the worry Ptlabepk, do immediately to prayer, Tthob you to your soul and satisfy yourself that prayer, God willing enough to invade colonies of grief and distress and hunt down remnants of the depression.
The peace be upon him if his party is said: "Give us a break to pray, O Bilal," was the apple of his eye and his happiness and joy.
The conduct of the people I read Avmaz was narrowed if their constraints and bared in their faces calamities, panicked humbled to prayer goes back to them and their strengths and Aradathm Hmmanm.
The prayer of fear imposed for the lead in the hour of terror, on flying skulls, liquidate the souls on the blades of swords, if installed and for the greatest serenity prayer humbled.
The generation ravaged by mental illness to know about the mosque, and rubbing his forehead to the satisfaction of his Lord first and save himself from this suffering Allowasb Otherwise, the tears will burn Jaffna and sorrow will destroy the temper and had no energy supplier to tranquility and security, but prayer.
Of the greatest blessings if we Nakl these five prayers every day and night the propitiation for our sins, to raise our grades when our Lord, and is a great remedy for the miseries and effective remedy for our diseases, our conscience in the pouring Zakia amounts of uncertainty and fill Joinhana satisfied. Those who Jnbua left the mosque and pray, it is the moodiness moodiness, and grief to grief and misery to misery (Vtasa them astray from their work).