Some Germans complain of the inadequacy of the contents of sex education in school curricula

Also complain of pupils and teachers in Syria from the weakness of sex education in Syria, also complains of some students and some researchers in Germany, the contents of the inadequacy of sex education in school curricula German one hand, and the late start on the other. In spite of that sex education classes begin in most German schools at the age of twelve or thirteen, but some researchers argue that this age too late, to start in the definition of children with their bodies, as confirmed Ulrich Gert, head of the German Conference of Education, it must start explanation of these materials for children from nursery age, which means not many drowning in information, but responding to their questions with basic care to give them information they can gradually absorb it.
On the other hand, a study recently published in the magazine "Bravo" German youth, that young people in Germany are not familiar enough with the information of nationality, especially with regard to protection from sexual diseases. The 42 percent of young people participating in the survey, conducted by Ernst & Aakounkidz the research, and aged between 11 and 17 years old, they are not thinking at all in the risk of AIDS. The lot of them that they had had sexual relations, without taking any preventive measures, which shocked those who respondents, and the head of the team led by Evelyn von Erx. While most of the students believed that "they have sufficient information nationality", see von Erx they lack many basic information, such as methods of contraception or prevention of infectious diseases of sound transmitted through sexual intercourse.

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