Sex education in Syria is weak and inadequate in Germany

  Ask some professionals and students why the Syrians have to save the students map the Arab world while ignoring the map of their bodies. In Germany, despite the teaching of sex education in schools, but the specialists they consider inadequate.
Collide with the children while not discover the information they receive from their parents about sex, since parents usually resort to the idea of "white lies" to answer the questions of children and adolescents about sex. Sometimes they say to their children had been brought from a shop Abu Ghazi, and sometimes they say they came out of the mouth or the mother's knee. And increase the scarcity of that crisis or no lessons for sex education in Arab schools. In Syria, for example limited to teaching the material in third grade secondary scientific and exclusively in Superficial and without public access in the necessary details. While missing the pupils rows literary completely to the identification of their bodies in a scientific way through school lessons, do not know the pupils rows scientific thing a lot, especially in light of shame teachers and ignore the lessons, which explains the reproductive organs and functions, Fitrkoha to the discretion of the pupils and their vision is mature at this early age. 
"Why do we keep map of the Arab world and ignore our bodies"
  And of course feel a lot of students who want the Syrians frustrated by their inability to learn the secrets of their bodies and changes, accompanied by a teenager. And forbade questioning, one of the Syrian students, saying: "Why should we save the map of the Arab world while we ignore the map of our bodies." The Zahir parents refuse to entrust this task, saying: "Parents are already in need to learn to break their contract and inherited as a result of wrong education." Hence the importance of teaching sex education in middle and high schools in various branches. And emphasizes school biology Samar Ahmed that the contents of citizenship lessons are limited to general information about reproductive organs and fertilization of the egg, and limited to science classes only, thus depriving many students to identify this information scientifically accurate.
On the other hand see Samar Ahmed need to change the words written by these lessons, "as written Mtanasean the hard way that he had not preceded by a preliminary stage, but given for the first time," as she put it. She says Samar said: "These lessons explain only way the theory is difficult, is difficult to convey information." In spite of the existence of a branch in Syrian universities called life sciences branch, but he was not considering such materials, but are limited by the knowledge that they took from the third secondary education. The solution to this is the material expanded sex education is taught to teachers first so they can transfer to pupils appropriately, says Samar Ahmad in this context: "Even when I explain these lessons I stand at a certain point, even teachers, married couples do not know how to explain that article, because their knowledge limited to their experiences own."