Landmarks teaching of the Prophet (r) the scientific method in education

Aaudhm was to find out the reason and the focus of government:
When asked about the purchase dates Balrdob, said: "If Oenqs Wet Lips?" They said: Yes, forbade peace be upon him from it (Narrated by Abu Dawood (3359) and the Women (4545) and al-Tirmidhi (1225) and Ibn Majah (2264).), Was known to his peace be upon him and others that the wet decreases if the Lips, but he wanted teach them the focus of government and his illness.
When forbidden them from selling fruit by the Bedouin validity told them: "What do you think if God prevent fruit Bam takes the money of you brother?" (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (2198) and Muslim (1555).).
And when he said peace be upon him: "In a few of you charity," they said to him: if one of us desire and be rewarded? He said: "Do you see if he does it in a haraam whether it is in the button? So if placed in the wife was his reward" (narrated by Muslim (1006).).
In these texts flag peace be upon him and his companions bug is vested in the government, not only to govern alone.
Aaudhm was the approach of the question and the literature:
In the subject says: "The greatest crime of the Muslims asked for something that does not forbid, forbidding what he asks for" (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (7289) and Muslim (2358).).
At last he says: "Allah has hated you three: gossip, wasting money, and asking too many questions" (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (1477) and Muslim (1715).). Vhahna shamed in question.
But elsewhere in order to ask, or praises him and says: "Do not they asked did not know it, it will heal the sample question:" (Narrated by Ahmad (3048) and Abu Dawood (336) and Ibn Majah (572).). He says, "I thought, O Abu Hurayrah that the Aasalna to talk about this one when I saw you first of your keenness to talk" (Narrated by al-Bukhari (99).).
Can not be educated free of the question, and the need to, and here he had to learn when asking?Uncle asking? It is asking? And how to ask? It is an approach sought peace be upon him for his assertion, and his education to his companions.
In his response was not limited to the subject answers the question but a general rule:
Asked: I ride the sea and we bring a little water, the Todona by our thirst, Ffentodo Seawater? Not only peace be upon him in answer to say yes, but the verdict was limited to the case in question alone. But given the rule of sea water and Zada Another benefit needs to when he said: "He purifies its water solution Mataath" (Narrated by Abu Dawood (83) and al-Tirmidhi (69) and female (332) and Ahmad (7192) and Ibn Majah (386) and classed as saheeh). This means that sea water has other provisions of the water purification, not only may ablution in this case.
Asked peace be upon him: What is forbidden from wearing clothes? He said: "I do not wear a shirt, a turban or not Alsrawilat Alborns, do not touch saffron robe and wares ..." (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (1842) and Muslim (1177).). No listing of him shall be forbidden to wear it; but gave it as a general rule does not solve the forbidden to wear it; to know that anything else is prohibited.
His education to his companions to the method of receipt:
For'Irbaad Ben valid - may Allah be pleased with him - said: bless us with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him dawn and then turned to us Foazna admonition seriously, shed her eyes, and Ocalt of hearts, we said or they said: O Messenger of God, if this sermon applicant Vosna, said "I advise you to fear Allah and obedience, even if an Abyssinian slave; it live you see me varies a lot, you to adhere to and the year of the rightly-guided, and cling tightly to it, and beware of newly invented matters;, each an innovation, that every innovation is misguidance" (Wah Ahmed (16 694), al-Tirmidhi (2157) and Abu Dawood (4607) and Ibn Majah. (42)).
He said in the description of the saved sect, "were on like what I am today and my companions."
Here is the Sunnah way for them, and draw them Amahgh. And when he sees flaws in this approach, or distorted it takes possession of the owner, when considered with the age of the newspaper of the Torah of anger, and forbade him about it, and said: "Omthokon the Son of speech? And my hand, I have come to the pure white, do not ask them for something Vijbrokm Vtkzbwa right, or Bbatal Vtsedkoa it, and my hand, if that Moses peace be upon him what he was alive but that he could follow me "(Narrated by Ahmad (3 / 387) and recaps (1 / 115).).
The right teacher is the one who gives the learner a tool that reaches through to the result himself, not the Aaudh in each home that dictate a specific position.
Raising them to the method of dealing with the text:
Dealing with the sources of legitimacy without the other, not the end of the road, but it is an important stage and the foundation, and then remains how to deal with these sources, which pursued peace be upon him in the education and upbringing of his companions.
Out peace be upon him on his friends and they speak in the pot, as if glaring in his face, love the pomegranate of anger said: He said to them: "What you are striking the book is interconnected, that died from it before you" (Narrated by Ahmad (2 / 196) and Ibn Majah (85), said the redundancies (this assignment correctly). Classed as saheeh by Ahmad Shakir.).
I have lost Viam of the innovators, while the laid back when this approach, and deviated from this guidance is, what is most in need of teachers to the assumption heights this approach, Verbon their students to maximize the text, and reverence for the Word of God and His Messenger, and stand at the texts of Revelations, and away from the manipulation of texts and hit each other.
O Valjder us teachers to teach our students that there are no frames to look beyond it; The issues that have proven law text is no room to discuss it, or make the religion factor in the actual test.
Get them used to the deduction:
Asked peace be upon him companions days, he said: "The tree of trees and leaves do not fall, and it's like a Muslim Vhaddthona What is it?" People fell in the trees of the countryside, Abdullah said - meaning Ibn Omar - and signed it in my Palm Fasthieddit, and then said: Tell us what O Messenger of God? He said, "is the Palm" (Narrated by al-Bukhari (61) and Muslim (2811)).
The man came one day and said: I saw the night in a dream canopy spermiation ghee, honey, I see people and asking them Valmcetkther and independent, and if the cause and origin of the earth to the sky, Farakka taken by Flot, then took him another man already, and then took him another man already by and then, by another man Vangta then arrived, Abu Bakr said: O Messenger of God, the father of you and God to let me Voabrha, said the Prophet, peace be upon him: Aabrha. He said: The canopy Islam, As the Antaf of honey and ghee Koran sweet spermiation, Valmcetkther from the Koran and independent, and the reason for reaching from heaven to earth right that you are, take it Faalik God, then takes him a man of Game Faalo, and then take it Faalo another man, and then it takes another man Vinqta it, then connected him Faalo him, he told me, O Messenger of God - the father of you - I got it or not? The Prophet peace be upon him: "I got some and missed some," he said: By Allah, O Messenger of God to tell me that which was wrong, he said: "Do not be divided" (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (7046) and Muslim (2269) and see educational theory in the methods of teaching the Hadith to Joseph).
The greatest need of the nation at this stage to breeding the scientific method, and not to stand when you save the abstract issues, or inertia on the texts and abbreviations and footnotes.
Accustom them to the discussion and review:
She tells us this approach him peace be upon him the mother of believers Aisha - may Allah be pleased - it was not you hear something you do not know but I checked it so you know, and that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "Computerized tortured," said Aisha: I said: Is not say God: will an easy reckoning?] She said: He said, "but the offer, but it was discussed account perish" (Narrated by al-Bukhaari (103) and Muslim (2876). And see the basics of teaching methods in general. Muhibb Din Abu Saleh). The issue is not to conduct a self-Aisha, may Allah be pleased - even if that place of respect and appreciation - it is what I have learned from the teacher and the first Aatadth peace be upon him.
After this round with the guidance of teacher education in the care of the first scientific method we feel that the question imposes itself, and jumps to mind: Do we mean the education of our students and prepare them to be aware of the people devising and innovate and invent? Or are we Nrbém to receive statements of their teachers to extradite without review and perhaps without understanding the content of the statement?
Do you see that our goals in education to raise queen thinking and creativity among our students, and Naudhm to derive legal rulings from the texts, and to combine seemingly incompatible?
Is it our upbringing to download legal provisions to the facts that they see?
Anyone who looks at the reality of education that we give to our notice that we often Nsttrd in the narrative of scientific abstract, and we feel more comfortable when we offer the student a tremendous amount of information, and the student is the other measures the extent of success and achievement as much as write & publish what we hear from his teacher, calendar and examination but is based on What saved the student's information, and was able to call it and remember.
And none of that right, but the direct effort of this type and this type of education is nothing more than a generation to come out keep the issues and knowledge - and then forgotten by then - or be a shadow of his teacher and his shaykh.
Hungry to learn and because fishing is better than to give him a thousand fish.
Even mosques and shaving lessons of science is not the best of luck, not better.
This invites us to quiet review, review our goals include the size and priorities, and include teaching methods, teaching methods and techniques.
And emulate the Prophet peace be upon him is not limited to issues of purity and remembrance and prayer - though the first of what goes into it - it is a broader meaning shade Broagah different aspects of life, Fatabaha year of gift and peace be upon him.