Revolution, the Egyptian people between the effectiveness of the U.S. role and allegations of thieves attitudes and tournaments

I remembered that the space 'Russia Today', no longer have a presence on the television, perhaps from the days of the revolution, when the former regime tamper signal 'Nilesat' in order to address to send the channel 'island', if more than ten satellite channels transmitted to the worlds. The regime fell and no longer the 'island', I see through the 'Arab Sat '!.
Libyan leadership has jamming also wise to the Qatari satellite, has also interfere with the 'Arabic' Aftart is the other no longer exist, and enlisted a friend to adjust to the new frequency but not the lives of those who advocate .. A good one will not die because it is no longer seen Rima valid .   
It was another era to me in Arabic in the dialogue conducted by Randa Abu determined with Ahmed Ezz, a man of iron and steel, and then honor their sovereignty in prison, and the statement of ousted President Hosni Mubarak was seen outside the home.
  A proliferation of news channels, with no one paying attention to that channel them fell, and perhaps the reason why is not my sense that the absence is due to 'Russia Today' has left a mark on us as we squeeze the backpacker, and discovered they do not exist at the moment of absence !. 
But the video is promoted through the sites 'YouTube' and 'Facebook', and contains footage of the Russian channel sober, was the reason to remember this station, which was released to the Russians, the brothers say they are here.
The program hosts a U.S. person, a prestigious look of form, and he speaks with confidence of the world insiders, he announced in a strange confidence that the Egyptian Revolution US-made, has angered the United States of America against Hosni Mubarak that he went to Iran . 
The program comes in a moment it was announced that the United States of America has, since three years, providing tens of millions in the framework of its plan to spread democracy in Egypt, and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo has helped a secret number of the leaders of the regime change, and that the young man a particular captured to attend meetings in New York for this purpose, with anonymity. 
This person looked at the sudden appearance on the scene with suspicion since the beginning, it seemed clear that there are attempts to blow it, since his appearance in the program of 'tenth evening,' he recalls the martyrs of the Revolution, where he wept and left the studio, and cried presenter Mona El-Shazly and scurried behind him, the next day I saw in the 'field of liberation' from flying a banner written by Mona El Shazly that joined the rebels.
At first it was said that the boy is called to be on Tuesday, January 25th is the day of wrath, by Page 'We are all Khaled Said' on 'Facebook', and raised much debate about the owner of this page, has been recognized at the outset that it is owned by, and then show that the young owner of Alexandria, whose name was withheld, because it eliminates the period of recruitment into the armed forces. It was interesting when it was absent boy aforementioned arrest of the night 'Fri anger', that the comments were published on the page, even in times of interruption of the Internet for Egypt, was said then that the 'page, we are all Khaled Said' was made ​​statements Egyptian girl living in the United States of America.
Conferences suspicious
Interestingly here, the boy said, did not participate in the 'day of rage' because it was out of Egypt, did not page is called Jum'a anger after that, because the call launched by those who participated in the vigils on Wednesday, January 26, after security forces managed to the evacuation of the Tahrir Square by force, after the message U.S. Secretary of State the obvious, which announced the alignment of the Egyptian regime, has been dealing with it to mean that all options are open in dealing with the demonstrators, but this was excessive use of force on 'Fri anger', to the extent that it has been used live bullets in dealing with unarmed citizens !.
Has caught everyone's invited Jum'a anger was promoted, I recall that I wrote on my 'to not Friday day to meet the Pharaoh, and Haman,' and explained that I mean the latter Habib al-Adli, Minister of the Interior, and so did the thousands, mostly from the traditional adversaries of the United States of America, did not beg at the gates of its embassy , did not participate in conferences suspicious ! 
In the 'evening of the tenth' The boy said he had not been tortured, and in another program, said he had kissed the officers who tortured him when the decision to release him, like Christ, peace be upon him. At first, he said the success of the revolution will depend on the exercise of political action, but not in the promise.
I do not know 'autopsy' of an expert satellite 'Russia Today', but it is clear that the "a knotty problem 'is paid to the host, and if you do not know the nationality of the announcer who hosted him, whatever was the command, the channel Russian addressed to us and we look to the Word' Akhawajat 'is not done wrong in any direction !.
Expert-Jabbar said that the United States used the base in Libya and in all areas that can not afford to send their ground forces.
He said that what happened in Egypt is the palace coup, with some representatives in the streets, they were performing some roles. Here are interrupted announcer: We have seen millions took to the streets demanding freedom in Egypt.
And mocked its sovereignty, it can be regarded as millions if ratified camera channel 'island', but they were not in fact as well .. They did not exceed one hundred thousand protesters, he said . 
Then I said that the Son of Azouz to extend the feet, and in fact I said this once said that America turned against Mubarak, and decided to get rid of it went in the direction of Iran, and then ripened in my mind the idea of a medical examination on the guests of the satellite channels, to ensure the safety of the insane . 
Has approached Iran Balnoavl to the Mubarak regime, in order to open a new page did not do, and when it was condemned using the pretext Street Khaled Al-Sadat's assassin in Tehran has changed his name, but could you hear if I called out alive, and a regular Mubarak to all things related to Iran from near or far, and March of oppression against the Shiites the Egyptians, and they do not pose a threat of any kind because they are afraid that the lack of Ataktafhm people. So ignorant to think that this comes to that, the Imam of the Sunnis and the community, though such things are not on the agenda!.
Camera island
I have been an eyewitness to the side in the Egyptian revolution, is a private Tahrir Square, and there are more than ten provinces participated in the Revolution since the first day, exceeding the number who took part more than ten million Egyptians, and when the call for the first Magdy Rady editing, bypassing the attendance of three million, turned the whole area of central Cairo to the 'field of liberation', and I did not need because the camera was watching the 'island' so I can rule.
There are main stations in the Egyptian revolution, is the Friday of anger when I meet the upper hand, and on a signed sentences when push those in power horses, and mules and thugs to storm the field and killed protesters, and third stop was at the siege of the Presidential Palace on the last day, did not exist for men America in any position, and while he was thousands of revolutionaries in front of the palace for a moment step down Mubarak, and just in front of the Radio and Television Union, and many times in the 'field editor' show that America's man strong in his apartment, and was broadcast video on a 'Facebook' Bahtfaúh and a group of his friends when broadcast news, Omar Suleiman, to step down.
That there is more than a thousand martyrs of the revolution in Egypt and the thousands of wounded, and there are thousand citizens lost their sight by sniper fire, was not among those one of those who have benefited from U.S. funding, or traveled to attend the conference the U.S. suspicious, or was one of the guests the American Embassy in Cairo.
That Washington wants to hijack the Egyptian revolution, although it was biased from the start of Hosni Mubarak, and lost his downfall will not be compensated by adding an agent never . 
Surface to air 
Head of News at the Egyptian TV channel president and Egypt news: I will make the 'island' is taking place behind us .. Has already Manaawi Abdul Latif said the former head of the sector said the same thing at the beginning of taking office.
Office of the 'BBC' in Cairo, was fit barely room to raise chickens, and not by the chair fit for human use only the chair of the Director, I was there a few weeks ago, I was afraid that the long legs Faistdm by passers-by on the street, the Office was very limited, and sat on the chair Fternh I thought he earthquake .. Now, the Office of the significant people in Cairo, after the revolution, and I think that the situation is linked to the old owner meanly, but obviously the first choice is to be in the protection of agency owned by a Kuwaiti business. After the revolution, they decided to independence, they are not in need of protection, you have resolved the Egyptian State Security, and the abolition of the Ministry of Information, and entered the former minister and former prison.
'Between the lines' is a new channel 'hub' and submit colleague Syed Ali after midnight, which is based on reading the newspapers after the print directly, and no doubt that dozens of programs in the various channels of this species is evidence that the press did not leave the throne to Tura Prison , where all the pillars of the regime of former Egyptian, or to a hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, where he lives ousted President lips of God and healed, the disease wiped out the causes of enmity between us. 
'Al Jazeera Live', I moved from the stage of 'filling box', to the real channel, and became the voice of the Arab street, not only lack the transition Jamil Azar, Khadija Ben-vertex, and Faisal Qasim, to, to leave the 'island' to the mother.

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