And remain awake each and every one is occupied by

Any two teams I like to God? Question I put to you and I hope to answer honestly before answering and I hope that you reflect on your situation and who will become your destiny to him?
Who brought you the inspiring beat Almarwas musical instruments, dance to the rhythm of the music I love to God or who brought the night to do to God?
Do you who partied like to play a great loss or who partied to read the Qur'an and ponder?
Do you who sat through the night before the satellite channels to love God or who have described their feet .. humbled their hearts, crying their eyes .. .. and recorded their hearts to God?!!
Do you have Smarwa in cafes, on sidewalks and in parks to love God or who Smarwa to learn the science and understanding of Islam and modern schools Messenger of Allah r?!!
Do you not know that the people of the night to inspire the people of delicious fun in Hohm .. Abu Sulaiman says the people of the night to inspire the people of delicious fun in Hohm, but not the night that I loved staying in this world. He said: If Jane during the night and all the people sleeping on mattresses Habib Bhabibh love their feet, and were tears on cheeks, Ashraf Jalil Almighty called out: 'O Jibreel eyes of my words and zest to Astrouh Mnajata, club them, O Jibreel What is this crying?Have you ever seen a loved one tortured loved ones? Or how my outlines that if a people fresher Hell night Tmlqona FBI swore if they had come on the Day of Judgement to Okven them from my face looked at me and look at them "
VIA Osrvat on yourself and all that Is not it wasteful to you to choose what is best for you? But if you return to your Lord? The fact that you show reverence to your heart and your heart pounding? Is not it that back in the passenger righteous? In the constellation of reformers? Yes, Yes, has come .. God has come to repent and forgive the sins of repentant Almstghafrin Adjaln and former Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.