Shares revolution in Bangladesh

Shares revolution in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse protests by investors yesterday after the cessation of trading in the stock market as a result of the sharp fall of stock prices.

The index fell 9.25% less than an hour, the biggest decline on record, and was down 6.7% yesterday after the market saw a weakness for weeks.

And destroyed hundreds of angry investors, cars, and blocked roads around the main stock exchange building in Dhaka before police intervened.

Investors and launched slogans accusing brokers and dealers to circumvent the effect on stock prices, and refused to executives in the stock market and stock market transactions observers to comment on the accusations.

Has seen stock prices plummet since the beginning of last month after the adoption of the Central Bank and the Superintendency of stock market action to calm the market, which led to protests in the streets. 
The index has lost more than 27% of its value since the fifth of December.