Employment and professional activities.. reconsider the criteria for regulating the economy and society in order to renew the concept of productive work and the nature of wealth

Among the most challenges facing economic growth in our country, the issue of youth employment, and graduates in particular. Most Applications for labor comes from young people aged between 15 and 34 years old. Currently, 80% of applicants for jobs at least 25 per Mathmlh them for a baccalaureate degree.
The graduate unemployment more acute, where the proportion moved to those who can work, from 5 to 15% among the early eighties and late current. Indeed, the unemployed living with postgraduate certificates and reached 30% of them.
If we take into account the requirement to reduce the size of unemployment for the year 2010 up to 16% (thanks to the activity rate of 54%), the number of unemployed will reach one million Navarre on the face of rounding, which will require the creation of 153.000 jobs a year to the borders of that date.
This imbalance huge job market reflects the very weak not only in terms of economic growth, low compared with what must be, but also on the performance level of the educational system and formative, which still reflects is also merit a huge track meet the requirements of labor markets, and to meet the its own terms at the level of the real hand Altaeil candidate to run for these markets.
There is another problem for the less serious would result from the high level of productivity and the evolution of technology, not a problem site the human element of the production process (with the worsening of the entry machine replace human), which makes the horizon warned disorders, deep in the nature of economic activity, which will unfold in the form of the dominance of the services on the account the production of material goods.
The reality of this kind of imposing, certainly, to reconsider the criteria for regulating the economy and society, in order to renew the concept of productive work, and the nature of wealth, and the operating concept of the best human resources.