The need for a permanent resident card when returning to Canada.. travel without risk Carry permanent residence card or travel document

Do I really need a permanent resident card when returning to Canada?

If you are a permanent resident in Canada and you are traveling by air, or by train, or bus, or boat outside of Canada, you will need to your permanent resident card to return to Canada.

However, some people said it was able to ride the plane to return to Canada as permanent residents because they have a passport from a country does not need its citizens to temporary resident visa (Aotoharh visit, or "entry") for entry visa to Canada.

Check from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Citizenship and Immigration Canada (1) For a list of countries whose citizens does not need a visa to enter Canada.
Toll Free: 1-888-242-2100

Please note: Anne only way to travel without risk is to travel and you carry with you or permanent residence card and travel document.

Check the travel agency or airline company before you travel to get to know their actions because the tanker company is a decision to be taken at the ascension to the plane, train, bus or ship.

The company tanker (Canadian Airways, for example, Air Canada) and Canadian customs officials are the ones who Saorteuroa if they Sasmhawwa you to travel when trying to climb into the plane, train, bus or ship.

Ask the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) of the carriers follow specific rules Jadda.o fined if these companies are allowed to travel without one or the identities of acceptable documents.

You may need the following documents when you return to Canada:
1- Passports and travel documents.

2- May ask foreign nationals to obtain visas to enter Canada.
3- Permanent residence cards.

4- Travel documents issued to residents Aldaimyin abroad so that they can return to Canada.

5- Travel documents for the journey (for once) and one issued to refugees selected abroad for resettlement in Canada.

6- And travel documents issued by the Government of Canada to a person subject to protection as a refugee or otherwise.

If you were not to have the documents that you need, you may have to pay an administration fee and may face legal action.

The proof of permanent residence Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292) is not sufficient to enable you to return to Canada.

You can get more information about the responsibilities of carriers and the Canadian Border Services Agency carriers Canada Border Services Agency guide (CBSA) Guide for Transporters (2).

For your copy of this guide, contact the agency CBSA
Toll Free: 1-800-461-9999