Help loan shepherds and agricultural employment in Saudi Arabia.. obtain the support of a request for loan from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water

Help loan shepherds and agricultural employment in Saudi Arabia:

1- Get a support loan to a request from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water.

2- Patron served with two out of the loan agreement it signed by the owner of the original work and Patron factor loaned his services after these numbers to match and retain more of them in the Passport Department and given lender image and the origin of the agreement remains with Patron.

3- The loan agreement does not prejudice the continuing work between the lender between the employer and the worker loaned his services contract.

4- For the original employer should not be allowed to factor loaned his services to leave the country only with the written consent of Patron.

5- The owner of the original work on the follow-up group borrowed its services directly to work for him after the expiration of the loan and to inform the passport for his escape.

6- solidarity under the loan both the employer and lender Patron agreement in all the rights owed to the worker or any other party for a period of secondment.

7- No worker may be borrowed loaner run its services only after the approval of passports and extract card or loan for a loaner may be seconded to non-factor.

8- When working on loan services for working with Patron interruption .. immediately inform the original work.

9- worker shall not be loaned transmission services to other pastoral region is the region, home to the original employer.

10- The duration of the loan period not exceeding three months and after the patron services transferred to the new employer if the owner of the original work by the waiver and the approval of the Ministry of agriculture and water on it.

11- All right, obligation consequent factor nickname to any person or entity for the duration of his stay employer is not liable unless the written consent prior to the emergence of right or obligation.