Final Exit from Saudi Arabia visa application procedures.. attend the sponsor or his representative and bring out the applicant's passport

Final Exit from Saudi Arabia visa application procedures:

1- You have to make sure prior to the application of free traffic from your record traffic violations.

2- Fill the application form so .. and matching information to the reality as it is written in the passport .. and attach a picture of the applicant .. and sign the form and stamped the seal of the employer.

3- the presence of the sponsor or his representative.

4- Bring the origin of the applicant's passport.

5- bring out a valid residence permit .. If were not valid residency Visdd amount of accommodation fee of 600 riyals for each year a comprehensive work permit fees.

6- If the visa for domestic workers must bring paper Clearance prove receipt of full dues certified guaranteed by the recruitment office or from my parents take care of maids Affairs Center.

7- If the recipient of the visa wife divorced citizen. You must bring an instrument of divorce.

8- registration required footprint.

- After completing the required paperwork and submit the application the applicant shall review the Passport Department submitted the following day to receive a passport after the visa.