Date of citizenship in Canada.. individual Canadians through a Canadian father or wife but did not Ihtoa Canadian backpacker in Canada. Westminster legislation. Commonwealth followers

Established Canadian citizenship (citizenship) in 1910, under the Immigration Fanon, an adjective to the British, who had taken them home to Canada.

The rest of the British must request permission to enter the country. In 1921 the law of Canadian citizens, which set a new state called the "Canadian citizen" and individuals that represent Canadians by a Canadian father or wife Kennedy issued but not Ihtoa backpacker in Canada.

After "Westminster legislation", it became Canadians, as the rest of the countries under British rule, the so-called "followers of the Commonwealth." But still use the term "followers of Britain" in official transactions.

In 1946, as a result of the Canadian Citizenship Act, Canada became the first country belonging to the Commonwealth establish nationality and Mwatunaitha independently.

In order to obtain citizenship in 1947, was incumbent on the individual to be continued British (any citizen of England and its colonies, or any member of the Commonwealth) on that day, or a person registered as an immigrant before that date.

In 1977, Canada lifted the ban on carry dual citizenship.