Civil and family care for people living in Canada.. submitting immigration applications item via relatives care for parents, grandparents and relatives of first and second class as well as adopted children

If you are a Canadian citizen living in Canada or abroad, or if you are a permanent resident of Canada, you may file immigration applications through item «care of relatives» for your parents and your grandparents and relatives of first and second class as well as adopted children.

In order to be able to provide care should be available several conditions you can identify them through the guide "Canada 2003", including:

- To be the person you want to submit to him care of relatives mentioned above request.
- Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
- To live in Canada.
- Must have a minimum income necessary to provide care.

We note that the province of Quebec have different requirements for applications for family care and can inquire about the government website for immigration Quebec.

It necessities submitting immigration applications under «family care» is the sponsor of a pledge to the Canadian government he have the need to provide assistance and basic needs for those who care for them when they need to for a period ranging from 3 to 10 years from the date of stability in Canada to sign, according to the family relationship.

You will not be you can provide care again if you fail to comply with this undertaking.

If the request is approved, you must pay the right of permanent residence fee for each person aged 19 years or more.
And if he refused to seek care, you can submit a petition for reconsideration.