Site astronomer of the Arab nation.. climatic transition from tropical climate to a temperate climate with the tyranny of the desert climate

Located between latitudes 2 south of the equator and 37 latitude north of the equator for a distance of approximately 4800 km and between longitudes 17 west longitude 60 east a distance of up to 6700 km. 
       As a result of this site to be the Arab world climatic transition region of the tropical climate in parts of the South (Sudan) to the mild climate in the northern parts (Mediterranean) with the tyranny of the desert climate of most of the Arab world., Which led to the emergence of the diversity of agricultural crops between tropical and moderate.

The geographical location of the Arab world.. the northern part of the African continent and south-western part of the continent of Asia

Extends the Arab world on the continents of Africa and Asia, it occupies the northern part of the African continent and south-western part of the continent of Asia. 
Bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey (Taurus Mountains north of Syria) and Iran (Zagros Mountains). 
Southern limit somewhat curvy Berri mostly located in Africa and the countries that border with the Arab world from the west to the east are Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad and the Central African Republic and Zaire, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The maritime boundary is represented in the southern Gulf of Aden and the south-east in the Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean). 

The importance of the Arab world.. site supervision of the waterways and natural and industrial cradle of ancient civilizations

** Derives the Arab world the importance of the location of the irregular shape of the sea, where penetrating deep into the dry, which helped to communicate with the outside world and include all those bodies of water from the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean: 
* Mediterranean sea is one of the most world's oceans in terms of maritime and international tourism. 
* Atlantic fish stocks is huge. 

Site for the Arab world to the dry and water.. term warming due to the proximity of the continental land masses huge represented in the continents of Asia and Africa

** Seas affect climate in neighboring geographical areas as a result of the different physical characteristics of both dry and water. 
** Water heats and cools more slowly than the dry so the air temperature in contact him over the warmer ones dry in winter and cooler in summer. 
** Reflected the influence of the sea on the surrounding areas, especially the coastal plains through what is known as land and sea breeze