Face the phenomenon of dropout.. Effective curricula behavior close to the world of the learner with educational equity through school and change the concept of educational assessment

Dropout phenomenon that affects societal entity so they should be eliminating Their community.
Perhaps fortunate that at a time where we have engaged on This topic, authorities announced interested in education in the Kingdom of Morocco to establish vigilance cell   And to meet the national dropout phenomenon. Which means that there is a sense officially Bouktortha and inspired   So that there are thinking of those responsible in earnest in the phenomenon. Is this considered an indication Enough?Of course not, should become a society with all its components concerned by this phenomenon: authorities Competent civil society actors educators, men and women teaching pupils parents.
The parents said, there really interesting for them, children enrolled matter Which clearly shows Tktlhm in associations parents and guardians of the students. But how to think the father in   Son, who is suffering from problems in understanding? At best, if the pocket allows it   It pays to take advantage of the tutorials.
- At the household level is eager to teach their children campaigns should be organized within   Their ranks and explain to them the importance of education for their children's future.
- Must restore   Cohorts of learners who have dropped out of school and facilitate the ruler of this process. 
- Educational level must conduct effective curricula close to the world Learner with educational equity through school and change the concept of educational assessment Which remains the only measure where the final exam which constitutes an unfair and arbitrary pupil in the results at the time that many efficiencies can measured Mstrsl. With an attempt to Teachers diversify teaching methods and out of the sterile traditional methods to work successful To engage the student to ask serious educational topics and find ways to solve them.
- Work To improve social services for students and their families.
- Enter and  Promotion of modern technology in the ways of acquiring knowledge, to communicate with each other and catch up   Races in this area and to develop the same learner. With teaching support by the project.
- Work on the appointment of supervisors   Social education institutions mission found on the circumstances of the student social and psychological   And try to find solutions to oppose his academic problems with interference to confront each   Misunderstanding between the student and gets someteachers.  
- Providing educational institution Science areas and support the teachers in order to motivate them to engage in there and in the case of transmission Student to a place far from the headquarters of residence in order to study either for lack of organization or to select People available Bbldth, should provide him housing either in the internal partitions without discrimination Among students or the establishment of the headquarters of Dar student or charities.