Definition of psychological adjustment.. Dynamic and ongoing process to examine behavior and environmental change and the amendment until a balance between the individual and his environment

- Dynamic and ongoing process dealing with the behavior and the environment (natural and social) change the amendment and strike a balance between the individual and his environment.

This balance includes the satisfaction of individual needs and achieve the demands of the environment.

 Here we can glimpse the fact that the compatibility depends on three criteria in:

1- modify the object itself to conform to the conditions (pupil - clothing depending on weather - hearing aids for the hearing impaired - visual aids).

2- or Agae object to the changes in the environment (Environment blind - air conditioning - heaters - water Schenat - Refrigerators).

3- or Agae the object to change part of the same and part of the environment.And adds another dimension to another, or that Agae the organism to avoid conflict or abandonment of the goals of the realignment.

- Definition of Salah Mukhaimar (1978 m) is satisfied that compliance is impossible to change the reality (and this negative and surrender), and actually change the executable to change (and this flexibility and innovation, and positive and becoming).

And see that the process of compatibility include either sacrifice the individual Bmatih down to the requirements of the outside world and the price of social peace, or include the individual Bmatih and clung to impose on the outside world, If the failure has become neurotic and if successful, was a genius.

- And is seen by some mental health as a process of consensus myself. And determined whether the agreement was a proper or improper depending on the success of the methods used by the individual to reach a relative equilibrium with its environment.

- The success of the process of psychological adjustment leads to a state of psychological adjustment, which is the heart of mental health.