Meta Theatre and Turagiuomidea.. Theater is a regular and a refuge for writers who refused to pressure the rules and an expression of aesthetic associated with the Baroque era, which is located between the Renaissance and the classical age

Turagiuomidea type of drama emerged during the last decades of the sixteenth century, and knew a remarkable development during the first half of the seventeenth century. It is characterized by the type character Alkrotski Grotesque Which reflects the characteristics of art reflect the so-called baroque aesthetic, the aesthetic associated with any era, which is located between the Renaissance and the classical age.
  If the prominent appearance of this type is what is suggested by the label of the same mix of tragedy and comedy, the deeper dimension lies in the fact that Turagiuomidea "scene irregular, and a refuge for writers who refused to pressure the rules".
   It reflects, therefore, a critical attitude about the stricter rules, and about the pressures that were exerted mental scientists. Then, can be seen that the mixing
By Turagiuomidea between the two types, one serious and Hazel II, as a Mitamsarhaa holds a special perspective to the concept of the same type. It is based perspective on the rebellion against the clarity of the type of dramatic action, and to reconsider the established rules, and thus allow the writers more freedom to act in the components of theatrical work, whether at the level of topics (hard along joking count), or the characters (the noble and popular), or the story (Building the novelist), language (combination of poetic and normal). 
  Has been able Turagiuomidea these flexible components to bet on three main characteristics are:
- Alfaragoa Spectaculaire  
- Sudden Surprenant
- Interestingly passion Pathétique
It also managed to have created flexible liberal, and the characteristics exciting that attracts many playwrights contemporary to the extent that Chmilng He wrote them, in this context, the expression of the reach Turagiuomidea stage of maturity, and this is reflected maturity through two aspects: one ideological and the second aesthetic. "Through this kind Turagiuomide which carries in itself the ideology of the chaotic world Mstalp own; we can distinguish between the play is involved in the political life despite Tamlath the one hand, and played a narcissistic rather than on the other hand, take the terms aesthetic and technical convince the theater in particular, as its theme.
  Accordingly, we note that Turagiuomidea include contemporary practice Mitamsarhah of aesthetic and ideological dimensions reflect the nature of contemporary society as a society based on anarchy and Alastailab coup and the destruction of values ​​and humanitarian entity. When we read the works of Trajekoumidah to Chekhov or Berandelo or Jean Genet, or UNESCO, or others, we find include meditation deep in the nature of theater and its relationship to the world and man, so that we can say that dramatization fact, for these are necessarily through dramatization theater itself; all the criticism focused on the concept of the theater is critique of the perception of this theater from reality.