Cavity and the "self-reflective" .. Literary language of the contemplative and the return of cases is thought to his actions and through introspection or internal note that assume some kind of separation between consciousness and the same

When Sartre said in the introduction of a novel written by Natalie Sarut "the image of an anonymous Portrait d'un inconnu "(1948), because this work and others like him marked off that we live," the era of contemplation ", it was not meant that the previous stages in the life of thought and literature was free of thinking, but wanted to say that" contemplative "a tendency philosophical became the distinctive character of all forms of expression, including the literature in general, and the novel in particular, in the current era.
  It is noticeable that the relation between cavity Baltamlah relationship does not accept the argument.
Valtamlah - as confirmed by the philosophical dictionaries - is the "return to the cases is thought and actions". A return shall, psychology, the appearance of internal introspection or observation, which assumes a kind of "separation" between consciousness and the same".
So, we can say that the cavity is the literary language of the contemplative, so that the text in a spoken pronunciation of spoken or take or Sunnah, the subject of meditation. 
  And can operate contemplative, Tagged, in relation to the text through two levels: first, semantic, where shows like the contemplative spoken Mlfozat text, and the second Mitadalala especially as the text becomes a placed him. Therefore, the relationship between spoken and contemplative aspects of the text is the relationship of double Dédoublement   .
The contemplative is not a homogeneous appearance in all literary works, so that
Difference is set forth on the level of the degree of reflection, where we find the creative process of creation reveals the literary and open it heavily on recipients and thus works to create a new reader. While the creative reserves may last a little tendency to become a kind of meditative tinged camouflage.

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