Training for the development of thinking.. Focus on thinking skills and learning styles and types of intelligence

Focus of the lesson linguistic development processes thinking skills are equal to its focus on efficiencies language; out that the language and thinking are two sides of one coin.

Was designed training modules to perform both purposes, to focus the content on the skills of language and focus of activities and training methods and representations of the display on the thinking skills and learning styles and types of intelligence.

And detail the four corners of the former as follows:

A)- Content: Includes information, concepts, rules, language skills and competencies that make up language.

B)- View content that allow diversity copes with patterns of thinking and learning styles of learners (learner's inductive, intuitive learner, the learner sensory...).

C)- Questions the lesson, and training activities and the calendar is designed to achieve three purposes:
1- mastery of content knowledge and performance.

2- the development of scientific thinking skills, creative and critical thinking.

3- development of study skills and self-learning.

D)- Represents display and means of learning the lesson that must take into account patterns of multiple intelligences (verbal, visual, motor, rhythmic, logical, social, self-...).