The results of research on the integration of acquisitions.. Achieve fairness and effectiveness of learning Altalmat

The integration of acquisitions:
Have shown above all the reflections That the movement of pedagogy integration resulted from a large number of factors, including the return to the results of scientific research in various disciplines.

And some are due to the constraints and opportunities for socio economic context.

So we can say that this movement derives its legitimacy from the basic research directions and approaches in the field.

The Competency-based Instruction, although it is still rare, they approach that grants more effective Altalmat, this does not mean get rid of the approaches familiar or old, because all indicators highlight the feasibility of these approaches.

The spectrum because they are integrated with each other.
- The outcome of research at the level of primary education:

Research results show that there is:
- How has the advantages of students who benefited from the integrative approach (eg care about changes in semantic and textual structure While others focus - the beneficiaries of the qualitative approach - more on the spelling).

- The emergence of the difference in the sixth year more than the second year.

- For the weak students, the increasing knowledge spelling more than their increase in the approach to quality: the sense that students with low level at the beginning of the year Integrative approach to benefit them.

Q: So Valmqarbh APC Contribute to achieving justice for learning as well as gain the effectiveness Altalmat: It is confirmed by other results such as the outcome of learning to solve problems in the primary.