Educational goals when Carl Rogers.. True learning takes place when the learner is aware, there is a mismatch between the knowledge must be acquired and the subject of learning

Indeed, it is difficult to search for goals in light of the educational theories of individualism without the adoption of an American psychologist Rogers as an essential reference for the detection of these objectives and the concept of what he calls learning Alkhbrati (L'apprentissage expérientiel) For this type of learning, Rogersoffers in his book, published years (1975) "Liberté pour apprendre "S unique key for this learning and determined as follows:
- "Learning is primarily a Alkhbrati Tzama to personally indulge a personal whole.
- This student's learning initiatives.
- This is heading toward learning what a BC student, and change the character and Slokath and trends.
- Are found in the human being a natural ability to learn, and I have a desire to develop e y Ath significantly for a period to be longer, unless the school system experiences the destruction of this desire.
- True learning takes place when the learner is aware, there is a mismatch between the knowledge must be acquired and the subject of learning.
- All learning leads to change in the system to recognize self or ego, j there is a sense of threat there tend to resist it.
- By Rick and Isto Heb-learning, the more diminished external threats to the max.
- When the threat of a weak ego, it becomes possible to understand the lived experience from another angle, which allows learning to happen.
- The activity facilitates learning of the Y j significance and meaning, we often understand things and keep them through exercise, and remain influenced by these Altalmm.
- Whenever the learner has the part of the responsibility for learning, where learning has become easier;Learning has a maximum range when the learner identifying their problems, and testing the resources of his own solutions and the more control the learner in the steps that must be followed and accept the results of his choices.
- Education is the person who decides their own destiny, which include a person - of all cognitive and emotional aspects of both - is to teach Alj depths, and can therefore keep it for long.
- Students gain as much independence of thought and creativity and self-confidence, if it becomes to believe that self-criticism and evaluation are essential, and also believes that the calendars of others are just minor things.
- The learning mechanisms of learning in the contemporary world of the species most beneficial in social terms, and should learn how to remain open minded on the subjective experience, and how the introspective process of change. "
Based on these features and Rogers developed, we can say that the objectives of education when the current owners Alchkassani, are summarized as follows:
A) Achieve the changes are indicative of the level of individual behavior; educational goal should be to carry meaning for the learner.
B) Make all learning is based on the student's personal initiatives; Valastqlalah in the choice of targets, or rather post the learner in determining the objectives of the process of teaching / learning, the basic factors that help to achieve the goal of education.
C) Make the learner is able to recognize the mismatch between the knowledge that must be acquired and the subject of learning.
D) Change one of depth.
E) Learner access to education itself freely.