Educational goal in light of educational theories spirituality.. Dependence on the divine religions and philosophies of East

Know Alnzeraa T. spirituality today widespread in the United States of America. Has contributed to many of the scientists in launching this current models of education, including Abraham Maslow (1976.Abraham Maslow)and Willis Harman . (1974. W. Harman) and others, despite the fact that the views of the contributors to the publication of these theories were different, but they all serve in the current trend today is called the spiritual liter pulp.
It should be noted - at first - that what is involved in this stream is Alnzeraa T., feeds the educational ideas of the monotheistic religions and philosophies of East Kalboudah (Boudhisme) And Taoism (Taoisme) And others, that trend is, but he reappeared in the seventies of the last century. The founders can mention names likeMaurice Richard Buck (RM Bucke) Who wrote a book in 1901 entitled:
Sense of cosmic "Cosmos Consciousness "It emphasizes the concept of unity of God for you, Wen criticizes overestimate the rationality of knowledge and calls for the upholding of the value of global knowledge, which are by this researcher - the most important forms of knowledge. 
The problem from which the theory of spirituality in education, lies in the fact that man is today facing a fundamental problem, summarized in the following terms: "The man has built for himself a civilization full of Palmsawi because it is essentially based on the aspirations of too selfish, and out of our problems is determined in the industrial organization of life on the ground, and that the industrial structure concerned with the exploitation of resources and people, is the source of the problems of society. "
If most of the theorists of this movement, agree that the goal of spiritual education is to create intimacy between the human and spiritual reality - which also means the autistic metaphysical reality - the question arises:what is the educational theory in the light of spirituality? We believe that exposure to the views of four of the supporters of this trend, such as Marilyn Forgusn (1980.Marilyn Ferguson). And Abraham Maslow . A. Maslow)(1970 And Willis Harman . W. Harman). (1972 Ahmed Madkour, may be enough to get an idea of the objectives of education when the owners of the theory of spirituality, is that our dependence on those scientists, does not mean reducing the views of other contributors In establishing this trend and published, such as: George LeonardLeonard) . Georges . (1968 And Konsantan Vutinas (1990.Constantin Fotinas). And others.