Diagnosis of Learning.. Give priority to the development of resources of direct relevance to basic competence

Competency-based Instruction in there mainly for Hztan in the processes of learning and acquisition:

1- the learnings minute to build resources:
knowledge, know - act, knowledge - of Being.

2- Integration activities and the activities of formative Calendar:
Competency-based Instruction in, resources are the subject of Altalmat minute.

This means giving priority to the development of resources of direct relevance to basic competence.

So you must make Altalmat function, highlighting the validity and importance, that leads the student to create a scalable formats to link me n resources:

- Savoir-faire Savoirs. Savoir-être It must be Given enough time and necessary for the integration of acquisitions, because this is what constitutes the main purpose of learning.

The diagnosis Altalmat and planning processes of integration during the time of Alakedzabat necessary for the development and the development of skills. 

The planning of the logic of pedagogical Admagi means:
Allocation of time for the moment closed for integration: the week in the month or week during the six 6 weeks.

Concrete is assumed within the logic of integration to provide the student status or Deitan categories of positions to allow it to function: the integration of learning gains in painful function.