Emergency program in the state universities and try to reform education, reform of "reform"

Characterized the last years of the miserable status of education in Morocco since independence, education in Morocco known range of variability was the most recent report issued by "the International Monetary Fund and the development of Morocco in the penultimate place in front of Djibouti .
Thus, the reform of university and, most universities the intersection of lessons and exams, and the positions of the factions Blawynha Rejecting the latter for this and considered it simply is not improvised, and the answer to the status quo in higher education in Morocco. Despite the struggle and rejection applied the "National Charter for Education and Training" and if you freeze some of its clauses in some university sites .
There is no doubt that this coming academic year will be especially noteworthy with the application of the so-called "emergency program in the universities where the state is trying to reform or education reform" reform "as some say and I say what can be aggravating Tazima . 
This program, or "emergency plan" does not respond to the requirements of students, especially students and professors that Marginalize and data from the National Union of Higher Education rejected this plan but it is clear that when a State seeks to apply something that can not be stopped by a . 
Is a program that is integrated, duties over rights wants mandatory attendance and combat waste, school and determines the compulsory education in 15 years wants a lot, but forgets the social status of students and positive miserable for most of the children of Moroccans who provide their food in order to teach their children as well as ignoring the students in their in grants and increasing the latter ignores the villagers and their right to bring schools and Althanuyan to the headquarters of their home and say "fix ".
It's really aggravating Tazima in the way of what can be privatized and what can Jussth but the latter but the implementation of fixed-line, which aims to evade social support and health and support festivals and activities at the expense of frivolous people ..

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