Continuous monitoring of the conditions.. Check the objectives underlined the diversity of evaluation methods, configure the learner and tracking school performance

Should take into account the continuous monitoring of a set of principles, a:

- Regularity and continuity: The aim of the assessment procedure stops after a certain period of teaching and learning to know the extent to which the objectives set at the beginning of the curriculum.

- Totalitarian: To include all units of the decision and to address all the hypochondriac Alsnavat cognitive, emotional and moto.

- Diversification: To be a continuous monitoring in a variety of evaluation methods and mechanisms for measuring and testing (written exams - homework - essay questions - questions with short answers).

- Configuration: The aim of this monitoring calendar to the formation of the learner and tracking school performance and the extent of the experiences to be absorbed.

- Equal opportunities: Here is a must to provide continuous monitoring of the same chances for learners to use the same Alroaúz, exams and homework .... If we are calculating the adjusted educational diplomas through the wire, the degree examination of the primary lessons of official candidates to make three levels: continuous monitoring by 50% (all materials examiner where a coefficient of one).
B - common exam at the enterprise level by 25% (all materials have a coefficient of the examiner one and number five).
C - consolidated regional exam: 25% (the Arabic language and Islamic education Maamlhma together 3 / French laboratories 2 / mathematics laboratories 2). As for the certification exam wire preparatory to the candidates official, Valmracbh constant rate of 30% (all contributions to materials have a coefficient of one), and common exam at the enterprise level by 30% (material coefficient of one) and common exam at the regional level by 40% (four subjects with factor 3 Arabic language, French, mathematics and the sociology of Islamic education Vmaamlha 1 ).

The baccalaureate literary takes regional exam in the first year of the baccalaureate 25% as tested students in four subjects (Islamic Education factory to 2, and the French language laboratories 3, and natural science laboratories 1, and mathematics laboratories 1), while the continuous monitoring in the final year by 25% in All material according to their transactions the official and the national exam unified rate of 50% in four core subjects: the Arabic language, philosophy, English, social studies and all the material has coefficient 3).

What is said about the Division literary, it is said as well as from the Division of Experimental Sciences but with different materials, in the regional exam testing the student in five articles: the Arabic language and Islamic education, social studies and translation by a factor of 2 for each substance and French by a factor of 6, in the final year of a national exam in the five articles as well: mathematics, physics and natural science by a factor of 7 for each individual substance, philosophy and English, each with coefficient 2. We can see from all this, that the transition from one section to another within a given school is a wire through continuous monitoring and after a hearing board of the department, and a wire to another by the diploma.

Has been reduced Examinations for learners in the last cord of wires educational materials to four or five. And take the exam as well as a hierarchy so at the level of department and organization, and then the region and then on the national level. The change rates of the continuous monitoring of the end of the wire to the other 50% for primary certificate to 30% for the intermediate certificate to the wire 25% baccalaureate.

It is also a positive point of zero failure rates for the unified national exam and obtain the certificate of primary and secondary.

Calendar and passes through three basic stages: the preparation of the test: by identifying the purpose, content and choose the type of questions and the formulation of reagents and collected.

Test procedure: through conducting and corrected. Use Test: This interpretation of the results and take the necessary decisions.

The organizational aspects of the standard tests (so-called external calendar) pledged to the competent committees, either national or regional or regional issues to prepare for each exam. The exam is set up based on suggestions from professors with respect the instructions contained in the memorandum of Ministers. The examinations take place in educational institutions and ensures the educational frameworks, administrative and supervisors to give credibility to the certificates and diplomas and to provide equal opportunities for students.

There are processes associated with testing in the center of the calendar or exam Kthae halls in sufficient numbers, and to establish regulations candidates from the records collective, and the distribution of candidates on the halls, in coordination with the Academy, and control of absence, and the preparation of lists of observers and rooms assigned to them (two monitors in each room), and the preparation of papers editing and scratch for all exams, and the opening of Alozerfah for topics before the eyes of students and observers and supervisors, and to ensure respect for the Times of the exam. And are monitoring in the room by making sure of the identity of students and stripped them of their documents and give them the examination papers and scratch, and make sure the signing of the candidates after the receipt of examination papers, and adjust the absence in the leaves yellow dedicated to it, and set the cases of fraud in the record of fraud, and returns the papers to the management of the institution, and then due to the regional administration and regional.

The correction procedure educationally active in the process of evaluation and assessment and measurement. The correction is by Prof. orally or in writing in a large or small, as is done by the learner's self or by his peers. The specifications of the patch, to be clear and systematic tracing of the work of the student, and Mfirdna respects the student's personality and recognize the positive work of the student, and his effort however was incomplete and justified and educationally.

The process of correction after the distribution of academic Alozerfah Alamthanih at various institutions returned by the specified times. Being the adjustment process within the institution where they are sure of the number of cards in the envelope before and after the patch, and make sure the final point, and requires the writing point during the fall into the error or omission number and letters with the signature, and to ensure a match point on the paper with the point code in the record of collective and to participate in the process of deliberations.

And then invest the results of standardized tests in making the necessary decisions at the enterprise level and regional level and regional level and national level in order to diagnose weaknesses and perfection and to identify shortcomings and to highlight the positives and shortcomings, quality and cost-effective to improve the educational system.

The bottom line: help us Calendar to find out the level of pupils and to identify the strengths and weaknesses they have, and too fast in the selection of curricula and programs suitable to improve the system Alterbaoah and teaching aids, and tells us to know the extent to which the objectives and competencies desired maturity to it, and gives us a picture of the extent to which school results, and contributes to a number and recognition from the school guidance and counseling (14) but noticed about the calendar in Morocco that is controlled by the school map and quality quantitative and qualitative overlooked part Kifai.

Also, this calendar is subject to the rates do not determine the level of the student well and effectively; because the student may work to another level if he received a zero rationale for the failure - and thus - Valtqoam internal or external does not define very well what he acquired the student experience and Talmat and culture, as long as this calendar Ppalartjalah features, speed and frequently overloading the students homework and activities, domestic and quarterly exams calendar to the point of fatigue without significant benefit and the expected effect. It is noted that the calendar of internal and external kills competencies of research and the activation of cultural, artistic and sports of learners who are now resort to the conservation and stuffing the memory and fraud and to withdraw from the exam halls because of the large number of materials and inflation courses lessons as decisions of the Division of scientific experimental and Division literary (including a decision of philosophy in the second year of IB 27 lessons a long time).

The French provincial exam in the first year of the baccalaureate determines the fate of pupils in the final year, causing problems of study and Theselah and calendar for the teacher and pupil together. Is it a new treatment and evaluation of other effective and real reform of the examination in our educational system to overcome the current philosophy about the philosophy of quality, quantity and quality vested effective??! Margins: 14 - P.PELPEL: se former pour enseigner, Bordas, Paris, 1966, p: 105; 14 - d. Mohammed Aldirij: analysis of the educational process, press the new success, Casablanca, i 1988, p. :86-87. 6 - continuous monitoring of the educational system in Morocco is the continuous monitoring of the most important pillars of the calendar in our educational system to Morocco by the standardized test regional, regional and national levels. It is also an effective tool to judge our educational system and diagnosis of weaknesses and strength. Through which we can reconsider our decisions and our curricula and pedagogical correction process and teaching aids by the teacher during the contact with the learner through the resort to Alvedbak. So, What are the continuous monitoring of the educational perspective? What is the role and ongoing monitoring of the current system of education and training? What are the functions of educational administration in the process of monitoring?These are the questions that will monitor, in our topic this. The first National Charter for Education and Training for assessment and ongoing monitoring within Ashrath that begin with school year 2000/2001 of great importance, especially in the pillar of the fifth (calendar and exams) in the third area, entitled the "organization teaching", for the calendar of the role in the reform of the educational system and its development and reform in order to walk Moroccan society Zahera about future prospects. What is the continuous monitoring of the language and idiomatically? Indicate the word "monitoring" the language of the guard and maintain and check the thing and observation, monitoring and auditing, supervision and good management and leadership. While the word "continuous" indicates permanence and continuity and consistency and regularity on the one-way.

The continuous monitoring it means idiomatically measure the experiences of completed and tested Altalmat achieved by the learner through quantitative criteria numerical (point) and how (appreciation of the moral) in order to ascertain the extent to which the objectives, expectations and skills ruler, in order to amend and correct the course of, or the content of completed operations in particular and the calendar system education in general. And the definition of another, ongoing monitoring is a set of procedures, activities and standards that are based on the observation, description, monitoring, analysis and interpretation and interpretation in a sustained and how permanent in order to correct what has been achieved by the learner, and to verify their commitment to the application instructions and orders and implemented in whole or in part, diagnosis of pitfalls and difficulties facing it, and find appropriate solutions to shortcomings by reviewing or support or re-configuration. Valmracbh is ongoing assessment of teacher and learner together in order to find a formula for the therapeutic success of the educational process - learning and the reform of the educational system.Continuous monitoring has shown that sense, conventional composite (control + constant) only in the mid-eighties and exactly with the 1986/1987 school year with the publication Waziri No. 112 B of 28/06/1986 regarding the calendar, and punctuation, and transactions of the fourth year junior sections, which defined the way the calendar, and so through the first and second sessions through continuous monitoring, where the exercises are conducted bi-monthly in each subject, determine the quality of the data as educational material for each ... The publication is called the ministerial heads of institutions and supervisors to monitor these operations in different facets. He also noted the publication to how to calculate the periodic and annual rates show a relationship with the continuous monitoring of the common examination at the level of the institution and prosecution, and how the transition from wire to wire intermediate qualification.

Followed by note No. 114 issued on 20 Safar 1408 corresponding to October 15, 1987 on the subject of continuous monitoring in secondary education, has identified nine exams in the regular wire baccalaureate, and stated the importance of continuous monitoring in the evaluation of the student as the process of tracking and monitoring of his work on a regular basis.

But this does not mean that this test pattern that was not there before, but the calendar since the learning process and found that two-teacher and pupil but the continuous monitoring of these procedures and behavioral newly vested in our educational system of modern Moroccan.

The concept of continuous monitoring in our educational system and education through the development of the reforms that were advocated by the Ministry of National Education through holding forums reform, and the issuance of notes and publications of Ministers, which was issued annually regarding the evaluation and continuous monitoring, either in general or on each article separately, have shown very clearly the goals of constant surveillance and their contents, procedures and methods used and evaluation methods, and how to calculate rates and transactions for each academic subject, to be issued the National Charter for Education and Training with the solutions to the school year 2000/2001 to provide a new vision for the calendar pedagogical and continuous monitoring by the new structure of the wires of education. The organization of the primary calendar in the wire transfer of children from the first year to second year of primary education in an automated fashion, and then moves to the second wire through the primary calendar and slightly flexible.

And moves the student from first year to second year by continuous monitoring. And to move to the third year, must pass the learner test is mandatory and uniform at the school level culminating in a certificate of being able to join the corps pro. After that, transfer students to other sections by continuous monitoring until it reaches the sixth year of basic education, and here is subject to the student for continuous monitoring by 50% and a test standardized at the enterprise level by 25% and the exam levels by 25%, and culminates this wire primary testimony of the lessons of First Instance. In the intermediate wire, control the transmission of continuous monitoring of student grade level to another, but in the final year students is subject to constant surveillance by 30%, and common exam at the enterprise level by 25% and the regional exam by 25 %.

Then the student gets a certificate of lower secondary wire. If we move to the wire qualification, pupils are subject to continuous monitoring at the stage of logs common, but they are at the stage of baccalaureate subject to test regional by 25% in the first year and ongoing monitoring by 25% in the final year with the passing the national exam, which requires a rate of 50%, and culminates this exam to obtain a baccalaureate degree to enter the colleges and universities. There are committees and ensures the development of regional examinations, regional and national committees are either regional or regional or national, in particular the National Agency for assessment and guidance provided by the Charter in Article 103.

It is noted in the current system of evaluation process, that students may be tested in most of the material under constant surveillance; but in the exam at the enterprise level and examination of regional, regional and national levels will be tested in some of the materials without the other, and may change transactions articles of the framework for ongoing monitoring framework to common exam as is the case for the third year of lower secondary (Vmaaml Arabic, French, mathematics and Islamic education 1 under constant surveillance and common exam at the level of prep for moving this laboratories individual then to the coefficient 3 in the regional exam), and the same applies to the certificate of lessons elementary with the exception of certificate Baccalaureate, which has kept its articles on the same plants both in the continuous monitoring or in the exam Alhaoa or national levels.

The positive zero point of failure in the examinations of regional and national standard, unlike the constant scrutiny and common exam at the enterprise level to zero where Ayad positive repetition and redundancy. And can say that the assessment system in education Moroccan takes upward hierarchical structure as follows: continuous monitoring at the level of the classroom standard for the transition.