The organization of baccalaureate exams: the initial regulatory procedures

Different types of exams and the most important public examinations conducted by high schools and involving all staff, baccalaureate, which we will discuss the various processes associated with the stages of organization and the required procedures and documents, and publications ranging from running to the end of the exam.
First, the initial regulatory procedures:
A - secondary level:
 1 - set of regulations by candidates and the Division level.
2 - hand over the files of new candidates to the academy after you adjust the number and the information contained
3 - Control the process to suggest topics examinations.
 4 - the appointment of teachers assigned to correction.
5 - Review the final regulations for candidates and approval.
6 - Adjust regulations relating to cross the second foreign language selected and approved.
7 - to provide continuous monitoring of academic dots after it is reviewed and verified after the musk.
B - at the level of the Academy:
1 - the process of keeping information to candidates.
2 - create the collective records of Bmitraha center.
3 - create the regulations for ongoing monitoring.
4 - held an organizational meeting under the chairmanship of the Academy's Director attended by all heads of examination centers to identify some of the requirements and to recall some of the requirements and evaluate the previous sessions.
5 - to hand over documents and publications concerning the baccalaureate exams, such as: dates and times, calls to the candidates, calls observers, instructions to candidates and observers and assigned to the control subjects, scheduling the withdrawal of envelopes correction and the date returned .... add to the papers editor and scratch and absenteeism and Alozerfah ... etc..

Examples of personal projects

- Quran 
- Save the Sunnah (Al-Bukhari and Muslim, Tirmidhi and Women's and Ibn Majah, Abu Dawood)

- The trend to be an argument in the Millennium as Faihz and read philology and the crown of the bride and others 
- The trend to learn new industries supply the progress and prosperity of his country
- If it improves the distribution of the book and tape care for them and the work he could for Aissalhma of the people, to raise money for them,

Active and effective way of teaching (teaching approach APC)

Building on what is stated in the National Charter for Education and Training containing the philosophy of education, was adopted entrance competencies to review the curricula of education and training instead of Moroccan entrance of the goals that had prevailed before.
This is an orientation choice pedagogy designed to improve the learner to higher levels of education and training; as the Competency-based Instruction is based on an integrated system of knowledge, performances and skills, the organization that allows for the learner,

Ways and methods of effective teaching approach in light of teaching competencies

Vary teaching methods accordingly to change the perception of the nature of the learning process after that was based on the pronunciation and recitation expanded to include levels of cognitive knowledge, which requires a positive learner in education in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the students potential and upgrading them is no longer the traditional methods of teaching appropriate to contemporary life, and therefore appeared theories of educational many help to gain many skills, mental, social, motor and mission of the teacher talk according to the methods of the current opportunity for learners to acquire knowledge for themselves,

The use of modern equipment in the learning process

It has become the use of modern devices, especially computers and televisions, CDs and hanging reflector and other intensive in recent years they have become our current so-called era of sound and image par excellence, so that we note their presence the great among the community through various means such as televisions and computers through the World Wide Web (Internet) .
Interestingly is a great demand for children to follow these methods and their use, and therefore must be employed in the educational process,

Help what is learned in the classroom to solve the problems of reality

It is clear from the interviews that have been made ​​that the majority of pupils benefit from what is learned in the classroom in the face of situations and problems they face in their daily lives, and it remains to benefit more through what they have gained while working Balodaaat problems within the classroom, which is a central element in the framework Competency-based Instruction, teaching is the problem juncture has several functions that can be identified in the following:
D    Students to make a permanent link to reality

Considered approach to skills that the student is the focus of the learning process

Guide the choice of pedagogy designed to improve learner skills to the highest degrees of education and training; as the competencies based approach to an integrated system of knowledge, skills and performances that allow the organization of the learner within the educational status, do the achievements and performances required by the appropriate situation.
And that the normal approach of this kind, working on activities focus on a learner-centric, where each acts educational and learning and associated activities as a major player.

Information and know-how about my approach of teaching objectives and competencies

Most teachers have a fair knowledge of teaching approach to the goals and skills, because most often the targets studied in this way and talents because almost all teachers have received a configuration in this approach, which made ​​them stand on the differences and similarities   Between the two approaches:
For example, Pedagogy of the goals emanating from a specific goal is to cut and Tdzeih procedural objectives to achieve the overall objective, and only interested in only one side is the side of the sensory motor behavior, cognitive and emotional side does not know.

Continuous training in the approach to teaching competencies

The vast majority of teachers say they have received a configuration constant in the approach to teaching competencies and this is not surprising as, according to its National Charter for Education and Training, which stressed the need to benefit frameworks of education and training of different functions, or the level in which you conduct, of two types of continuous training and Rehabilitation:
           Short annual quotas to improve skills and increase their level thirtieth hour duration is distributed accurately.

Competency-based Instruction in the application of teaching

The application efficiency has become taken for granted among all professors because the goal is the advancement of education and the learner, pedagogy and skills that contribute to the more abundant because the skills to talk about is talk about the concept of intelligence in the year. This perception may suggest   Mainly personality of the child care or youth within the community and rehabilitation for appropriately within the community but that the process of mastery of a certain level of competency does not achieve the desired goals, so the continuity of the process of improving skills through continuous training Is one of the things necessary to

Reservations before the direction of teaching competencies

Focused on the most important reservations on the issue of overcrowding professors who impede the application of their approach is best, since, despite the efforts made ​​in this framework so that it moved in the wire intermediate the number of public Alaaadadiat of 1035 during the years 2000 to 2001 to 1381 during the years 2006 to 2007. Guerin these efforts were not enough that the capacity is insufficient to accommodate the growing numbers of pupils, which led to the emergence of the phenomenon of overcrowding in the Forums, which represents the proportion of lower secondary education about 20 per cent of the embodied in sections 41 more students.

Respect for the components of the approach while teaching competencies

Noted that respect for the components of competence in terms of the stents, methods, techniques and methods of teaching is very important and the National Charter for Education and Training states:
-     Adopt an approach skills.
-    Processing of all educational institutions, the status of my information, a safe multi-media on the horizon of the end of the decimal reform.
-     Processing support educational institutions Baladh teaching aids and information.

Approach to the achievement of competencies from the use of instructional methods and approaches

Play methods of teaching an important role in the achievement of the new approach to the pupil, and in this regard came pedagogy integration an approach based on the work, alternating between periods of learning the classical and the Mdzuat integration and evaluation of default and are evaluating skills within these Almdzuat and provide new activities for pupils in order to address them, and its importance this approach because it allows the capitalization of earnings available for adoption on upcoming programs, and will allow the application of effective and accessible approach to skills.

Focus on the development of cognitive abilities, methodological and attitudinal balance of the learner

Capacity of focus by teachers is the knowledge and methodology, as is reducing the emphasis on attitudinal the opposite of what brought him orientations and choices of public, as the platform material sociology emphasizes the attitudinal In a history for example, is the focus and emphasis on the course of the production of historical knowledge more to focus on their product order to the independence of the learner, it is gaining methodological tools for thinking critically accountability history. In the geography represented in the acquisition of breeding Tknh spatial integration and the adoption of attitudes and behaviors positive direction of

The most important ways that are used during the teaching skills approach

Most teachers use way dialogue in teaching, since they, in their view is appropriate and other methods such as work groups or make plays, not feasible due to overcrowding on the one hand and the lack of space time on the other, and work the way talk is not wrong in itself, but the disadvantage is limited to one way in teaching and non-   Ways to diversify   As provided for in the new approach. For discussion of the road that is working out by the teachers have many advantages including:
- Send activity in the section during the lesson,

The role of scientific and cultural side of the professor in the application of Competency-based Instruction

Most teachers agreed unanimously on the fact that the scientific and cultural heritage of the professor has a role in its ability to apply the approach, which is confirmed by the National Charter for Education and Training when he said that the renewal of the school depends on the quality of teachers' work, dedication and commitment, and are intended to quality basic configuration the high and continuous training of effective and sustainable and means of teaching appropriate The exact calendar for the performance of teaching and includes the commitment of teachers, the content of this Charter,

The appropriateness of the curriculum lessons with the requirements of the new approach

Observed that the lessons of the curriculum   School in line with the requirements of the approach to skills by the teachers' opinion, as it Tmacht and the requirements of teaching competencies in terms than learning based on the material, where the emphasis is on knowledge to focus on the learner where they are identifying actions that the student must be able to do after learning, this The form or be stationed on the student, and about his personality and potential, on the grounds that the learner within her perspective is the focus of activity and learning as well as the source and purpose of the curriculum.

The adequacy of the cover time for each substance in the application of the objectives of Competency-based Instruction

For the space allotted time for the material sociology, there are those who think that the amount of time devoted to material social studies is sufficient to apply the approach, especially with the many lessons that up to 12 studied in each subject, it should be noted that the number of hours allocated to each article of the sociology of up to one hour per week and 32 hours per year for each subject for a total of 96 hours per year for the combined social studies material, and a total of 288 hours over the middle school.

The impact of conditions associated with the educational process on the normal functioning of the studied

Teachers agree that the circumstances relating to the educational process in terms of activities and means affect the course of teaching-learning process, because it is part of it, because the maintenance of students within the educational system and achieve academic success depends on the quality of Altalmat, and it comes now strengthening their effectiveness by focusing on the knowledge and basic skills until you enable the student a solid base of knowledge and basic skills, so the goal is underlined in the emergency plan is to ensure better quality Altalmat,

Ready adoption of the principle of Mr. "work is present" in the absence of some teaching aids

Most professors are willing to work with the existing pillars and means in the absence of other means, the most important means by which resorted to the textbook and blackboard as the main pillars, and adapt to what is considered insufficient in itself it is insufficient to help teacher to deal smoothly with the fact in the absence of means and supports, especially from a technological means are absent in most of our educational institutions.

Approach on the sidelines of teaching skills

Shows that the approach to teaching competencies reviving our schools of Morocco are still wandering in a number of problems and obstacles, for example but not limited to find a weakness or lack of means and equipment facilitating and assistance for the success of the process of teaching this approach also raises the problem of the absence of the training sessions or limited to a small group of professors, which does not allow the opportunity for all of the teachers benefit from training in the new approach. To find a large number of teachers do not understand well the objectives of this approach, which does not allow them to apply them effectively.

The vulnerability of the Arabic language .. Official neglect and focus on the emotional side of the letter

The vulnerability of the Arabic language, found in the majority of national institutions, governmental, and non-governmental, it is rare to see the speakers speak a clear Arabic tongue, and although most of the official institutions of leadership in the Arab countries, full of campaign doctorate, but it is getting better write a paragraph, but is almost can not respond to an official letter in one sentence, without having to consult specialists in the Arabic language, this vulnerability does not depend on the elites (educated), but find a markedly bad in the pleadings of lawyers, who infiltrate the media,

Weakness of the Arabic language between the psychological factor and the lapses of the educational system in the Arab World

There is no doubt that the psychological factor has a big role in the spread of weakness in the Arabic language, it has entered into a horrified that the Arabic language is difficult, many, many rules with different views, and that the Arabic writing, including problems constitute a major obstacle, and cause a grave for the poor people in the use of correct language. Perhaps the complexity of life in this day and age, and accompanied by steadily rising prices, increased interest in people wanting to provide their power, and collect the pension, is another factor of general factors in the weakness of the Arab language Arab,

Problems of teaching the Arabic language and the difficulties faced by

Actually there are several problems related to teaching Arabic language and are:
·            Vernacular and its negative effects.
·            Poor preparation of teachers of the language.
·            Not to build curricula on the basis of scientific objectivity.
·            Failure of language teaching methods.
·            Difficulties of writing for beginners.

The need to use technology in teaching Arabic language for the first episode of the basic education

The Arab societies today need to change and the development and renewal, and those things that you need a new horizon, and a new look, Majribt issues of teaching and education is still education curriculum belongs to the era before the age of information and communication, which is no longer valid - in the aspects of them at least - even to the labor market, leading Palmtakrgen recent college to join the train of unemployment, and the responsibility of youth towards themselves, requires of every young man that works hard and diligently for the future and the future of his nation.

The growing role of language in the information age

Language play in the information society a major role for the following reasons:
-    Centrality of culture in the community system, and the centrality of language in culture system.It is proven that the culture has become the focus of the development process in the information society, and stressed language thanks to the changing informational being, the focus of system culture Onazaa, and as a result, has become a language processing automatically by the computer are the focus of information technology, especially since the language is Manhal natural draw from

Language system and its interaction with the outside

Must point to the need for a more comprehensive view into Arabic, and their relationship to various branches of knowledge. In order not to waste time and effort, we recommend that you focus in on specific aspects which distinguish from the rest of the Arab language, and just here Bmthalin:
The first example: the relationship between the exchange system, the Arab heritage and derivative, which does not Tdanyh another language from the languages ​​of the world, and between the science of molecular biology based on the language of the genes and the Psychology of intelligence,

The profession of teacher is the mission of the apostles and prophets

Education .. Those holy vocation, profession prophets and apostles, which was seen Bxbar and respect throughout the ages, not abandoned them human civilization whatever their level, how can it not a profession that holds the handle with the human mind, which is supervised in it, which develop in man's greatest trait advantage by God which is characteristic of science. Man's body in the right mind. 
Prophets sent teachers to teach the people the book and wisdom and Azakounam, and did not leave behind dinars and dirhams, and God made ​​the scholars are the heirs of the prophets.

Guidance to help the teacher / teacher to increase his desire to work

1 - Feel the great reward that you achieve your goal of teaching your students if well intentioned 
2 - imagine what will happen to your students in the future, where will be the community leaders who are men you are now building in the society of the future . 
3 - You should know that these students have Aútmanha Secretariat have their parents as well as state and Frgtk to do this great work . 
4 - Mark the area of your business challenge you face every

Teacher / teacher and learn the teaching process

Any profession can not be donated to the mastering and unless familiar with the origins and principles. And teaching, which is the process of teaching and learning principles and rules, including one for the teacher including one for the learner and the material terms of which, including with regard to learning style and methods. This is what is going on and often educational psychology. 
For example, your knowledge is the way in which to learn, and what are the things that affect it negatively or positively, it helps you choose the correct way of

Teacher and his students know the level and characteristics of age and their thoughts

When you enter the room to the chapter for the first time you face a world unknown to you have to a large extent. But you often enter a homogenous group in general terms of age, mental and emotional characteristics. Vmaraftk prior to the general characteristics of that class help you in developing rules to deal with. For example, if you know the general characteristics of adolescence easy for you to explain many of the behaviors that made ​​them who are going through your students and you can expect to a large extent what can be expected from a behavior or learning problems from happening. 

Knowledge of the objectives of the lesson and identified to ensure its success

The overall objectives / goals / objectives behavioral 
Of the objectives in any business of great importance are summarized in the following : 
1 - directing related activities in one direction, and prevent the dispersion and deviation . 
2 - Find the motivation of achievement, and keep it active 
3 - Evaluating the work to determine the success and failure . 
These three things make the goals of major importance to

Use appropriate teaching method

To teach a number of ways, and there is no way of these methods are valid for all cases, but there are several factors that determine when the method is more suitable than others. 
Select what suits you best roads in the light of the following criteria: 
1 - Lesson to be explained 
2 - the quality of students 
3 - You are your character and abilities as a teacher who provides a lesson.

How the teacher makes the study of the fun

· Stop and see the way the lesson if I saw it the cause of the money students, the goal is not a complete lesson plan as written, but the goal is to benefit the students, if I saw that the plan does not result in its use "contingency plan" to save the situation and get them the greatest possible benefit to the students. There is nothing worse than a teacher employed in chapter alone ..!Remember that the general objectives of education and overall objectives of the curriculum of the largest and most important lesson may be postponed a particular view or alter his . 
• Use narrative style when needed, Valnfos fond of follow-up story . 

"But did not send a teacher sent a fierce!"

Always remember you but I came to learn not to punish those who do not learn! Also, remember that not all learning disabilities caused due to the student. Be patient and soothing Bbtii learning and neglected neglected documented that if the neglect that increases the concentration of the teacher and it is moderated by Vsikv for his behavior. Often be caused by neglect, slowness in learning and the teacher about that inattentiveness . 
Refer back to your memory, especially if you're someone who exceeds thirty and remember your teachers, you will find that the first thing that comes to your

Teacher and his province on the growth of scientific, educational and vocational

Located in many of the teachers is a big mistake when they think that their graduation and being granted for the job is the end of the day and so they have arrived chilled stage. This is not true.Avoid falling into this error and I know that, although at the time the study ended the regular scheduled graduation it was time to self-study, The role of blending theoretical study of direct experience. Make sure to continue your growth in scientific and educational, it is not something of this world in the stability of every money grow is fading ! 
You can develop yourself in one of the following methods:

Teacher role models in the high vigor, honesty and seriously

All your words to your students about good manners and good qualities do not have a significant benefit if you did not see the students actually applied. So be an example to them in the altitude does not satisfy you moving Badnaha of things, and be a role model in your grandfather does not see you you your students are not only humor and jokes. Be a role model in your faithfulness you do not see a sellout by the students of neglecting your duties and job and educational.

Attention to the teacher and between the lines of teaching

For granted that education is not filling the minds of students with the information, but equip them with necessary skills and the right directions and refinement of character and mental stimuli. What of a student personal teacher and the creation and gift of dealing, education, and his view of things and his way of thinking may be more important than the most beneficial to the breeding of what gives them the information, which can be called between the lines of teaching, there are always things that are not directly derived by students from the teacher probably is not feel may be positive or negative.

Teacher and educational use of its means to effectively

When he wanted the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to show to his companions the meaning of the words of God Almighty: and that this Srati straight, follow him and do not follow the ways ...} line them a straight line and said that the way of Allah and the line of lines, many on his right and on the north and said: This means ...! 
When he saw the companions feel the handkerchief of silk and marvel at the soft, smoothness, he said, peace be upon him: Are you surprised by this?! Tissues for Saad in Paradise better than this ! 
Of the means of education a significant impact on learning, they are:

The blackboard .. Email permanent teacher, he used good

The board of the oldest educational methods and the least expensive, is hardly indispensable teacher, learn how to use it effectively. Some teachers believed that the use of the blackboard is random is not subject to the principles and rules, and this is not true. The teacher uses a blackboard successful in an orderly and specific objectives . 
· Divide the blackboard for two or three, and select each section a certain quality of things started was placed in an orderly and clear, for example, Department of the components of the lesson, and a section of the sentences and phrases that are meant to stay the length of the lesson,

Wrath of the teacher in the classroom, consequences and create an environment suitable for problems

The teacher got in the chapter on the disciples of the things that make him more nervous and then lose control of his dismissal, and make the chapter in an atmosphere of fear and awe. May lead to anger the teacher's actions and their consequences are severe. The chapter of the teacher angry environment suitable to the problems of students . 
1 - How to avoid anger 
defines the characteristics of the phase behavior studied by.

Wise deal with the troublemakers within the section

We were not perfect! In each chapter there or more students are causing trouble and impeding the process of teaching in one form or another. There are some methods to overcome this problem or mitigate them. Hopes to me the following steps: 
1 - Mark your class is full of vitality and activity so as not to allow boredom to enter the hearts of students . 
2 - Always look for the reason that calls for students to raise problems and remove if possible. May be the reason he was next to another student do to separate them.

Takiiem tests of the level of the pupils and teacher

The test is said to measure the performance of the officer and the teacher-level grades for students.And the work of testing knowledge of rules and scientific basis in terms of development and selection of questions and types of controls of each type, and misses some of the teachers most likely that a series of questions to test enough students in your course as long as the . 
· Hopes these rules : 
1. Put to the test target 

Methods of maintaining the class time to serve the educational goals

Time is the lesson, without the time can not offer a lesson. Keep the lesson time and make every minute in which to serve the educational goals. You can use the following methods to keep the time .
1 - Be in your class on time 
2 - Do not allow students late for class time, and promises to attend, such as bell . 
3 - limit the extent possible, plan the lesson, and goes only to the need . 
4 - Make sure you have everything you need in your

Education students refer to the sources of information

We are in the era of knowledge explosion, and it is not unreasonable to ask students to save all the information. It is strange that we ask them to keep the information if asked about who holds a qualification for high found readily refer to the earliest reference I know to get them. So why not just of the student to know the whereabouts of the information and how abstracted, without Nchglh conservation which expires often Pantha test. Certainly this does not apply to all the information, there is much of which is essential for students to save, but if we apply this rule to Khvva a lot of stress for students.

The roles of teacher and activation techniques employed by him in the process of teaching

So far, in the absence of practical examples of sufficient viable field models integrated with the requirements of reality and the needs of modern man in general, and human Moroccan nation Arab-Islamic in particular, aimed to find a man open on the perimeter of all its components, contributing actively to achieving the development of comprehensive, it may be the time has come to open the door to experimentation
Educational rational to give any opinion,

Culture of professional duty and faith in the performance of the heart, and the application on the ground

Often talk about the professional duty, but as long as we organized meetings and seminars, we took speeches and lectures, and Sodna papers and are familiar with books about the performance of this duty. But when the reverse or weigh all the above stated balance of fact, we find all this quantum theory of many sources of general to be a culture of mental pale and cold , the latter a recipe calling
Colonoscopy every cultural encounter when Aasamad to reality, and so is scum scum stream The professional duty to do the fact is the culture of first and second heart faith and

Network of self-evaluation, the appropriate questions for the stage, what you need to do

Question the right of the stage

What should you do
1 - put the issue
Are announced and expressed confusion at the forefront of this?
I feel the reader quickly handled by including
2 - Design Mode
- Is your subject is built on an integrated approach?
- Is a distinction between the phases in your answer?
- Is the password from the stage to another easily?
- Does the organization reflect the parts of the topic kind of evolution?

- Put the thread runs through the link and regulates the overall topic

Transparencies of computer and its contribution to the development of the educational process

The production of transparencies Computer, is one of the methods of production overheads educational methods of the mechanism, but this method of modern methods used by teacher education in the production of transparencies, and is characterized by several advantages of this method is as follows : -
1 - do not require a special skill in their production.
2 - Failure to adhere to certain standards as the size and line height, etc..
3 - ensure clarity of content, and ensure the quality of the output.

Educational status: the components and features .. Consensus and harmony of the individual with himself and his society

1 - the definition of educational status: the educational situation is the framework which is a group educational actions aimed at achieving consensus and harmony of the individual with himself and his community. Gaston Myyalara see that the situation is characterized by being the educational and humanitarian situation complex. Therefore it is essential to study the conditions psychology of each act educational Kalzca, memory, and nutrition ... the psychology of education is, after all, a group analysis, we do, from the perspective of psychology, institutions and methods and structures of the school system.

Employment data in the psychology building Disdaktic scientific

He looked Ybla Hans H. AEBLI To Aldisdaktic from the perspective of psychology, namely angle of the pupil and its ability, mental and psychological impact on Te willing to learn, and therefore investment and employment of the capability systematically take into account the learner's physical growth and mental development. The Aldisdaktic is the science of assistant to the pedagogy, and has to rely too much on psychology formative says Ybla in his book "Aldisdaktic psychological. The Gaston Myyalara sees that Aldisdaktica interested in language and terms of communication and contact with the outside world and the ocean,

Exploitation of psychology techniques in the development of the educational process

In fact not possible to give a general definition of the term and comprehensive pedagogy, psychology and the definition varies from researcher to another. However, note that both addresses the majors, although from different angles - one theme is a child. Hence the imperative of cooperation between them. 
The development of the learning process - learning all the required components are optimized for psychology techniques, and be more pronounced in experimental pedagogy. 
The classroom is a world full of saturated phenomena, the student,

Pedagogy as a theory of Applied Educational borrows concepts from psychology and sociology.

The breeding practices of the most complex and diverse, so it remains no single approach is systemic approach is unacceptable. The development of curriculum in need of psychological data and psychological. The same thing to search for Aldisdaktica and practical educational and pedagogical action. But despite the openness of Alipidagouhaa experimental psychology, for example, the child there are still some obstacles that may be summed up in two main points: 
1 - difficult to control the subject of the study:

The new roles of teacher and teaching competencies to be acquired by

Knowledge efficiencies and educational
And are:
Knowledge and familiarity with content relating to Article / Specialization . Acquire the knowledge necessary teaching aids: planning / implementation / Calendar . Building activities in the classroom - to imagine situations .
Efficiencies within the field of educational responsibility and professional ethics
Coordination / regulation / discipline / cooperation to improve the performance of learners .

Reasons why the camp to the application of pedagogy integration

Of Problems faced by the educational system in our country - like the other systems Education in the world - the problem of fragmentation of knowledge that characterized the previous approaches; asInclude within them the list of concepts to be learned on the learner, and some Skills he acquired in each of the subjects. The result is an accumulation of Knowledge of the learner without linkages between them, thereby preventing the possession of the logic of Achievement and discovery. In other words, he finds himself in order to learn to learn, not To do something or to analyze the reality and

Eighth strike of education to play especially if the student falls under the political agenda beyond the school

Minister of Education Ahmed Akhchichine that "people should be aware that when you enter the education sector in the strike, the student is the result of the price."
The Akhchichen, in a statement on Thursday to Radio Rabat International reaction to the strike called by the 24-hour Antrzaat union of the four (the Federal Democratic of Labor and the General Union for workers in Morocco and the National Federation of Labor in Morocco and the Moroccan Federation of Labor) to demand better conditions professional and social,

What is expected from professional examinations in the present moment?

Received in recent years the phenomenon of professional examinations for the frameworks of the Ministry of National Education in general and teachers of primary education in particular, has received considerable attention are in the various reactions that come from the candidates to pass these games after the announcement of final results, where we note variation evident in these responses produce two groups, team first describes the results of these examinations objectivity and opinion question of success or failure is attributed to the extent to which the candidate's understanding of the topics the exam and

The relationship between home, school, society and the role of each of them in the process of integration

Thread :   Education integrative process, the individual gradually introduce the theme of the group is invited to be a member, and invoking the beliefs, customs and feelings, and patterns of activity. In general, determination. But this external integration, and this adaptation between the individual and the group is not possible, however, by internal integration, that is the subject of education is to coordinate and focus all the varieties of power possessed by the individual .
Analyzed and discussed this view.

Raising the level of teaching of history through the employment of the means of education more effective

  The best is what kinds of learning is through experience and direct experience of living and this is what followed Socrates in the education of his disciples as he was out with them to public places to listen to people and Anaakecohm in their opinions and in their lifestyles ". However, over time, complicated life, and the more complicated in the present day, where it is difficult to provide this kind of expertise, there are many obstacles such as the temporal dimension and spatial dimension and the large costs and large size of things to be studied or danger to the lives of students,

Records of educational administration: the use of time - record absences - course schedule

Use of time
Use of time and educational administrative document includes two important elements intertwined: the administrative side: Every employee shall be subject to the management done to control the timeEntry and exit, since the time of the Department's work is set and known to all, Administrative staff are not obliged to Baltoffr the official document to prove it, but For teachers who are not subject to the time of the administrative work of the timing, given the specificities of

The status and role of teacher education and educational .. Not fix the situation without the reform of teacher psychological, social, physical, economic and cognitive

  The educational work and educational work of the complex and complicated at the same time that the message carried by mainly directed to the man himself and what makes things complicated is that the bearer of this letter is a human being as well as his background and has a personality and has a sense of emotions, was yesterday the future of this letter and then became a missionary to them. This is what makes the job of the teacher a difficult task and large at the same time because it is the leader of the teaching-learning process, he should know how he can deliver the message education to

Importance of communication and educational psychology for the teacher (culture)

  The process of teaching does not depend on foreign aid, which donated its various branches of human knowledge, but must be the owner of this profession to understand the mission and duties and seeks to provide itself with all means to provide positive assistance to the duties of his profession to the fullest extent possible.
    There is no doubt that educational psychology can help the teacher in this area, so that the understanding of the various factors affecting the growth process and understand the impact of external factors (the child's home, conditions of economic and social status,

Parties participating in the educational work along side the teacher

Do you work in education Employed male teacher or the teacher alone or other people deemed responsible for the upbringing and education of the child?
Is the school that the child learn everything? There is no doubt that this problem strongly, as the table, we note that the family put all the onus on the school for the education and upbringing of the child. This is wrong because the school does not know but the direction only so that the family should also monitor the child because the child is affected Environments Various other geographical environment,

The student teacher relationship as a source of knowledge and a Fellow of the humanitarian

 Before going into the show the student teacher relationship must first define the concept of the relationship was intended by that concept, which is characterized by inclusiveness and not necessarily, Through the relationship is based all, they indicate the meaning of the relevant Association of whatever nature. If the teacher is the leader of the teaching-learning process, the student is the raw material and fundamental to this process as without it there can be for the school  To work and therefore, the role of the teacher is not complete without linking a good relationship with the student, how is the relationship of the student teacher?

Relationship with the teacher education supervisor (inspector) .. The necessity of activating the concept of bilateral contacts

The Educational Inspector of the most prominent stakeholders in the educational work of being a supervisor, so the practice shows that the field relationship with a male teacher greatly influenced by the practice inspection, we either have a relationship based on communication in the educational effect on the   Production and efficiency of teacher education, or have a relationship based on tension and alienation, thus double the effectiveness of the inspection. In both cases related to the nature of the relationship of each character of the teacher and the inspector. And if we go back to the legal texts,

Human resource management: Upgrade to choose drawing 2000s, 2001.2002

Of the Kingdom of Morocco Praise be to God alone,
Ministry of National Education and Youth in Rabat: October 31, 2003
General Writing
Directorate of Human Resources and Training
Memorandum No.: 903/11

Definitions of educational .. Monitor values, life, school integration, civil liability ...

Values ​​Observatory: The Observatory for the integration of values, principles and values ​​through educational curricula And training through the space of the institution and make a valuable foundations of the educational system . And includes the Charter of the Observatory of the values, religious and national dimensions, humanitarian, scientific, ethical and aesthetic be Learner guests to satisfy them. Observatory and the central office and Mnskiet regional, regional and institutional .
Dropout: Sometimes we talk about waste and

Most important roles of teacher and activation techniques in the pedagogy skills

Even Now, in the absence of adequate process models applicable to the field, integrated modelsWith the requirements of reality and the needs of modern man in general, and human Moroccan nation Arab-Islamic in particular, aimed at creating an open man on the perimeter of allComponents, contributing effectively to the achievement of comprehensive development, it may be too Has come to open the door to educational experimentation rational to give any opinion, in an attempt To establish a database, may allow the provision required that the existing forms,

Make the teaching process more effective through the use of teaching aids effectively

When he wanted the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to show to his companions the meaning of the words of God Almighty: and that this Srati straight, follow him and do not follow the ways ...} line them a straight line and said that the way of Allah and the line of lines, many on his right and on the north and said: This means ...!
When he saw the companions feel the handkerchief of silk and marvel at the soft, smoothness, he said, peace be upon him: Are you surprised by this?! Tissues for Saad in Paradise is better than this!
Of the means of education a significant impact on learning, are:

Miserable reality of school attendance for children Atgerh text which states their rights

We live in Morocco dynamic some community projects reform and transition towards the project community modernist, a society of democracy and human rights ... and it is legitimate to ask, as actors and emotional, within this dynamic: Is Moroccan children, and Alemtemderson particular, are real and the concrete reality of all their rights within the school public, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child / E ratified by Morocco, on the one hand, and according to some of the rights contained in the National Charter for Education and Training, on the other?

Almhninih examinations and the search for credibility, which raises questions

Each year with the announcement of the results of the professional examinations of the burden wing of the Ministry of National Education ... raises several questions of the meaning Matt question by the participants in this examination about the credibility, impartiality and objectivity, on the basis of exam questions, passing through the centers of examinations and correction and sort the results:
* The way the questions: The way in which the questions are still traditional did not do after the assessment methods of modern and objectivity,

Implementation of the Arabic language lessons for grades II and III Magistrates

** Show the panel and leave the conversation to students about what they see freedom of expression without interference from you  
** Ask questions addressed led to sentences of the lesson.  
** Read the lesson on the ears of students without a view (read hear).  
** Resort in the third row of silent reading to let the students read the lesson and then ask them a question about the general idea of the lesson.