Youth and satellite channels

The dates of the nations and peoples constant does not change in any way, but the circumstances and the successive civilizations that may coexist with nations and peoples residing on the face of this earth is that change either the better or the worse, so we measure today's progress of a nation evolving civilization, culture and science which may going through ..
As we live today in this era, who became his many names, the age of information and communication technology, satellites, as the transformation of the world thanks to the technology information to a global village, which led to the overlap of cultures and customs .. From this, the more advanced countries, or what we today call the major Western countries to export their culture and customs to our eastern
Which led to the emergence of what we call or what today is called the invasion of cultural or intellectual, which is suffering from our powerless, however, that this cultural invasion direct but passes through the satellite Bank and the information network of international "Internet" and which has become today Mfathh for all, and therefore, this cultural invasion has resulted in problematic habits and natures within the Western peoples of the Arab world, which was previously known for sticking to their customs and traditions of the original province. 
In light of this cultural invasion direct, with the result that our Islamic nation is suffering today .. Of the deteriorating conditions of morality, where she has been Western culture for export are prevailing and controlling our necks, and as a result of this has helped in the spread of culture dissolved sexy and that has not been any link to our traditions, authentic and our religion, which has led today to the suffering peoples of the Islamic nation Zaazaata in the stability of the cultural and moral, as appeared in the arena today, social phenomena strange and alien were not present in the past, but these phenomena but are made ​​through what is today called satellite and open skies, which may become possible on a young man or young adolescents to follow without the slightest discomfort everything published or broadcast through the those channels and the Web .. Of movies, scandals, pictures, and habits have nothing of our religion .. This in turn led to worsen the ethics of our children and our youth, then the question that arises here is what way and what are the possibilities that we have to deal with this cultural invasion direct destructive in this regard, I may mention here, without details, that the Muslim world has become today is also a conscious to direct the invasion, making to prepare and hold seminars, conferences and research on this topic aimed at finding solutions on how to overcome the cultural crisis created by Western culture and the dominant gas in the region.