My Father.. Rejected my marriage

 I am a man want to get married and my father is a major dealer and capable material costs of my marriage for him easy to the large wealth and Halaleh, but he refuses to be graduating from university (I have left two years) and I work for the whole dowry, he was asked Asalafhlotzoj and Erdha him later but he refused and said to me that I got married I not satisfied you do not get married unless you yourself formed and adopted it, what should I do?
A: Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah, Vahsp that your father did not stop you from marrying him only the interest on your interest, and his diligent in bringing you up .. But .. But that does not mean is right .. Not all keen aware of what he wants .. As I see it is wrong to prevent you from marrying, and had done something to strive for Aafavk, and do everything in its power
To Thchink especially in these times where temptations abounded, and contained a variety of means of temptation and corruption .. Because of the importance and the need for parents Baafav children when they need it for some of the scholars said: The father keep his son chaste if they were his own expense and he needs to Aafaffh (singer with a great explanation c 9 / 264). If this is established, I advise you to repeat your attempts to persuade your father and your need for marriage does not give up .. And has adhered to the impact on your religion, and even on your education, it failed to convince him, so make your mother accompanied him to you, because the mother to the children thinner heart, and more from the father and further Ahvaca Vlolha succeed to convince him .. Is not possible, so make some of the relatives of those who have wielded when they intercede for you and your father has probably all that is the cause of reprieve from his mind ..If you can not convince your father, you can be looking for him to earn a work of gathering the expenses of your marriage and feel of your father you are serious in your desire, perhaps a call to help you .. Has said peace be upon him "three really on God's help: for the sake of God, and should pay attention to seeking chastity and offices" (Mishkat / 3089).
Even the day will come when you can marry, we recommend you, dear brother several things will help you to chastity as the Almighty said: (and whoever does not have a marriage until Allah enriches them of His bounty) Nur, verse: 33, including:
1 - Fasting: It is a commandment of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him every young man can not hoard the marriage when he said peace be upon him: "Aamashr young men, whoever among you can afford (ie hoard Marriage Kalsaddaq, housing and maintenance) married, it is lowering the gaze and guarding one's chastity, and whoever can not fast, for it came to him "(ie, that the fast interrupt or reduce the intensity of desire) hadeeth is agreed upon.
2 - Gaze, because the launch of sight to look at the taboo images of women and beardless youths and others, fueling their desire, and raises the libido, has God said: (Say to the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that is purer for them) the light, verse: 30.
3 - Occupancy self-interest to work as requested by the science and the call to God, even Satan and cut Nzgath concerns that abound when the vacuum.
4 - Righteous friends who will help you on the virtues and massaged them, and warn you of the vices and keeps it.
Finally, dear brother, you mentioned the issue of borrowing for marriage, and I advise you not to live your life on borrowing from the people so as not to accrue debt, and the flock you have concerns, located in the problems you are in indispensable, especially as you do not work and you do not pay can be died from debt .. Be patient and be patient. "Allah will bestow patience and patience," narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.