Statements from the guidance of Ancestors in sleep and to ensure

It is said that Omar may Allah be pleased with him when he came to Syria carrying meat saw Muawiya Muawiya said, 'O What's that you might sleep the sleep of Duha? Said, 'O Commander of the Faithful, which taught me the knowledge of God. Omar may Allah be pleased with him denied the forenoon Muawiya sleep because of the causes of sagging.
And saw Abdullah bin Abbas, his son was sleeping the sleep of Duha said to him: Do Otnam in time that divides the livelihoods?
This is because at the time of earning a living and pursue it legally and they knew when the wise men have said, peace be upon him: "God bless my nation in the Pkorha" Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (1212) and said: This is a hasan hadeeth.
Ali may Allah be pleased with him: from ignorance to sleep on the first day, and laughter is not surprising, the argument above in mind, said Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas: sleeping on three aspects: breach of sleep, sleep, and create, and sleep foolishness.
As for sleep Rags: Vnoma Duha people spend their needs as he slept.
The sleep of creation: Phnom notion half a day.
The bedroom and foolish: Phnom while attending the prayer.
He said Abdullah bin Shubrumah: sleep half a day means a drug modifies drink in the summer, the wise men said: drowsiness goes the mind, and sleep over it.
Said Safarini: (should not advocate sleeping a lot, and addiction, nightlife, the defender of sleep and abandoned gene for pests other ill-tempered and Absa. And the deviation of breath, and exhaustion that prevents the understanding and action, and fatal illnesses. And his presence only justice. Whoever adheres to it took Bhza goodness.).