Qat captures drug users

Often see or hear about the organizations and institutions has always been to defend the rights of political prisoners and detainees to freedom of speech and practiced by these institutions of pressure on the governments and regimes that violate civil rights and do not guarantee freedom of speech, but did not see who calls for the release of prisoners of khat or advocates for their cause and seeking for it and before this and that, perhaps many readers do not recognize them as prisoners behind bars, this lack of freedom and prejudice to their legitimate rights and discrimination against them, like other prisoners, they lack the taste of freedom.
If the meaning of liberty is not merely have the rights to freedom of decision-making in the conduct of
Affairs of his life without the restrictions imposed upon him from that or force him to do what they do not accept it. 
The majority of drug users of khat are subject to the families of qat are not able to get rid of his manacles, where accepted addicted to tobacco use every day after that Astiguenoa harms and has some belief thickener to drop him and drew others from dictionaries cursing all the words of insults and Qzvoh in his face - which requires of khat to sue a lawsuit against these people - however, do not hesitate to allocate them dedicated to the salary accounts without the expenses of the family.
It also imposes on the habits of qat addicts house arrest in the boards for long hours in order to achieve euphoria (Almriqan) at the expense Buloogh. After completion of the storage khat seeks to rob a person's appetite for food and his need to sleep a comfortable life, and deprived of his liberty when his will buy it. The next morning, putting pressure on drug users to keep them in detention over the family that comes, or closer to meeting him in order to reduce the periods of parole that may not enjoy the person naval as well as feeling of lethargy and the inability of fatigue and caught khat captors collectively without the use of violence as a means arrested, but by moving the effect of "heat" in a self-desire to pay one to the acquisition of khat at any cost. In this way, driven by the families of the voluntary and allows the use of violence only when those who have not responded to this effect the developer and try through disobedience, even for one day and then coming in painful blows is at its weakest when the honors for sleep and also causes appends the imbalance in the digestive system and the emergence of some symptoms to compel obedience to involuntarily. And are often circumstances Matqlath bad as packed with detainees and they lack good ventilation and become an appropriate place to smoke and less than the specifications of the prison of modern and the prisons do not exist in countries that do not assess the weight of freedom alone, but are held in more democratic countries, freedom, such as England and the Netherlands and others detained Here the events are like other adults as long as they consume khat regardless of the lack of age of majority. Unlike other prisoners, the prisoners do not benefit from khat adoption of a presidential decree to pardon prisoners on national occasions and holidays, but are tightening their arrest by reasons of the revival of these events by qat unabated.
After all this talk does not agree with me that there are other prisoners in the prisons are not traditional but are languishing behind the bars of steel khat.
It is released?