Husband's right to his wife's property

 My father died and left us a legacy, and now the process of dividing it. Five young brothers are not married and I think they need help and I give them for my share of the inheritance I am a teacher and my husband's physical condition is good, but my husband himself is not satisfied with this concession because he sees that I take advantage of my share, rather than give it to my brothers .. What do you think??
A: The correct scholarly view (a view of the majority) that women may have to give away its money and give charity to stop her husband's permission and consent ..
 This is one of the advantages of Islamic law, where women were granted full civil performance as long as men mature and wise, Imam al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh, Baba said: "Gate of the gift of a woman without her husband and her neck" if he has a husband
It is permissible if were not foolish, if it is not permissible if they are foolish: He erected (give not unto the foolish your property) Women, verse 5, Ibn Hajar said, may God have mercy on him commenting on the words of Al-Bukhari: With this, he said, the public. As such, it should not be for your husband to stop you from womb to pray something from the owner.
But with this, we must know that the good years to her husband that is not acting of her own money that he dislikes, mustahabb you Tstaznyh and Tguenaah and Tstrdah even accept Ptnazelk your right to inheritance for your brothers, it did not get round to convince him I see that you take your right of inheritance in obedience to your husband , and give your brothers from the owner of your inheritance is even without the knowledge that you are husband and obey your husband has arrived according to the uterus is what everyone loves and which pleases Him.