Good things to bottom.. Exaggeration and exaggeration in dealing with the injustice of the events of the same

Mental demands of justice and legitimate, not hyperbole or staleness, is not excessive Or negligence, and wanted to happiness, he should control his emotions, and Andfaath, and not just in the satisfaction and anger and delight and sadness; because of exaggeration and exaggeration in dealing with juvenile injustice of the same, and best of moderation, in particular, Islam came down the balance, life has on the premium, and tired of people Taua desires and surrendered to his emotions and Meulath then swells has accidents and remedy to have corners and you in him fierce battles of hatred and Aldkhaúl and grudges because he lives in illusions and shadows, even if some of them think that everyone is against him, and that others Ihbikun plot for exterminating it, and dictate it and Sawsh that this world is a lookout, so live the withdrawal of blacks from fear and worry and distress.The Alarjav religiously forbidden, of course, cheap and exercised only by people who are bankrupt of values ​​and principles of living the Lord ((counted every cry for them)).
Your heart I sit on his chair, and more afraid of what is not, and you before the occurrence of fear and what happens to an estimated worst-case scenario and then endemic yourself to accept the worst, then survive the unfair speculation that is tearing the heart before the event is occurring remains is like the first:
If Qtah suspended ward
On the severity of hepatic palpitations
O you illustrious wise Give everything its size, and inflation events, attitudes and issues, but sparingly and fairest not prejudicial and does not go with the illusion of false and deceptive mirage, I hear the balance of love and hatred in the hadeeth: "Love your lover   What humility may be that you have Bgadk day, and hates what Bgadk humility may be that you have your lover one day. " ((Hoping  God that makes you and those who Aadeetm them love and God is omnipotent and God is Forgiving, Merciful.)).
Many of the falsely Altkhuyvat and is not real old and they said:
I said to my heart that your fancy influenza