Do not wait Thank you from Any one

Of doing good, and not executed permissive         
Custom does not go between God and people
God created His slaves to Ivkrōh and Rizkallah creation of the thankful, after many others, and thanked often elsewhere; because the nature of disbelief, denial, alienation and ingratitude blessings to dominate the souls, there is no shock if any of these may disbelieve Jamilk, burned kindness, and forgotten Marovk, perhaps Nasabok hostility, and Rmuk catapult deep-seated hatred, simply because you did well to them ((and Nqmoa but the richest of God and His Messenger, of His bounty)).
The climber record the world acclaimed, if in its chapters the story of a father Ruba son and fueled and decorated, food and drink, and literature, and knowledge, ensure to sleep, and hungry for the full, and tired to rest, and when wing man this son is a strong and helped him, he became his father like a dog vicious, defiance, contempt, an abomination, disobedience , cry, torment and Bella.
Vlahdo who have not burned papers Jamilhm when Mnkusi mushrooms, breakers wills, congratulate and reward when the mosquitoes do not carry out its vaults.
This letter invites you to the warm beautiful to leave, and not charity to others, but Aotunk to wait for the ingratitude and disregard for this beautiful and charity, do not despair of what they make.
I work good for God's sake, because you are the winner of each event, then does not hurt looking down from Gmth, and denial of Jahdan, and thank God because you have improved, an abuser, and the upper hand is better than the lower hand ((We only feed you for God's sake do not want you neither reward nor thanks) ).
Has stunned many of the wise men of protoplasm ingratitude when the mob, as if what they heard the revelation of Galilee, which means on the variety Atoh and rebellion ((over if not let us to the harm touch)) Do not be surprised if dedicated Blida rarely wrote it Ahjaek, or granted Javia stick at his side, and Ahish by the sheep, Vhj by your head, this is the origin of humankind when stuffed in the coffin with ingratitude Poara bulk of the gaze, let alone me and you.
I know shooting every day
Intensified when he helped Rmani