Cruelty and bad effects on the individual and society

That such cruelty is reprehensible Zmha U In his book and on the tongue of His Messenger r , But the behavior of patients is contrary to human nature with which Allaah has U By slaves, it is divine punishment, because of sin, God's Word is U And exit to obey him as he said U   {Nqdahm is because of their covenant to their hearts and made ​​us Anahm cruel twist words from their places like luck and have forgotten what they said it continues to look at the traitor of them but few of them Vaaf forgive them and Allah loves the doers} (round: 13), and as he said U   {Then your hearts hardened after that, they are like stone or more severe if the stones to explode it and that the rivers of the Ishqq come out of it and that water which falls from the fear of God and God unaware of what ye do} (Baqarah: 74)
Sobhan Allah, O ............... Bloody hearts this kind harsher kind of stones you see are suffering ................?!
It's hard hearts ...... But the most severe of stones ........... O God, what's this?!
*) Because the stone is a Muslim is not out of obedience   U {Then turned He to the heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth Come both, willingly or unwillingly come disobedient} (separated: 11).
*) Because the stones are subject to fear and his prestige Y   {If We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain I saw him humble flawed from the fear of God and those proverbs cite   People perhaps they may reflect} (Al-Hashr: 21).
*) Because the stone rosary to God U {Him swim the seven heavens and the earth is in them and it was nothing but praise His praise, but understand not their glorification that he was ever Forgiving, forbearing (Isra: 44).
*) Because the stones magnify him Jalal God and the greatness {When he came Moses Miqatna and the word Lord, says the Lord Show me look at you he will not see me, but look to the mountain, the settled place you'll see me when he demonstrated his Lord of the mountain make Dhaka fell Moses electrocuted when he woke up he said Glory will you and I am the first believers} (customs: 143).
*), But solid stone saddened by disobeying God and involvement by U {Ataftrn it is almost heaven and the earth is split mountains and graduated this} (Maryam: 90)
What vertical mountain thaw ...... Tod and great ....... But reverence for the prestige and grandeur.
And fallen rocks ...... The ground cracked and fell down the mountains ... .... However, fear and dread.    
The river broke ..... Salt and eyes with water flowing ...... Mdama only pity and fear.
If it is cruel?!
Let 'this copyright malignant and creation reprehensible even warn him So go ahead and reflect on the Qur'an and Sunnah and are Aenaian holders MRSA malicious, and even sound healthy to take measures of prevention so as not to fall in this scourge, and would become on the verge of a bad situation, let' on the grounds, and descriptions of the disease, and behavioral phenomena with the creation, and the insides of the inner creation, and knowledge of their effects on the individual and society.

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