The best rules in sex education

The trends acquired in childhood that affect eloquent later in the position of each pair of the other most important of these trends trend on the function of sex and its value, so the basic rule in sex education is to be brought up the boy so moving towards manhood physical and moral, without contempt for the opposite sex and without teaches that sex is the best but the sexes are complementary to each other.
As well as girls should be raised so that it points towards the physical and moral femininity without the fear of the opposite sex without Oalaah teach them that it is incomplete, but that each sex to the other and Aakml only take the case of girls, which directs the materialist circles sexual orientation
Anomaly for the analysis of this case and know the bad consequences that would threaten the post-marital bliss. 
The comparison carried out by the girl between them and her brother had to suggest it without him in terms of physical structure may prove to treatment of parents of this belief in the mind of the girl, and this belief is accompanied by a sense of hope and disappointment to suppress the Ilbt later.
Then comes the stage of late childhood, which precedes the stage that precedes adolescence At this stage tends interesting daughter about the outside world and social activity and school achievement, and at the start of adolescence take emotions sexual ambiguities arise again you feel the girl attractive natural to her peers of the opposite sex, may occur at this stage that hit the emotions emerging traditions prevailing social and unable to parents or educators to understand the significance of this new development in emotional growth.
And instead of refined and directed Blaine knowledge, wisdom, and parental behavior occurs arbitrary sense of guilt and sin are contained in the psyche of the girl into the depths of emotions and self looking for a way of 
To satisfy Atahramha traditions and society relates daughter colleague have the greatest of them are not, or her school, which may be driven by something of the extravagance to make love and tenderness, almost abnormal, and then made ​​up in the girl a new direction is the attachment Grammy person of the same sex and look at the opposite sex look of fear, or regardless and disgust, and often occur deplores the girl femininity or ashamed of them and all that happens in the margins of the feeling and then reaches deep into self Allashaoura clump with trends and anomalies that originated in childhood.
Then pass the girl's adolescence in varying degrees of success or failure in achieving adaptive emotional and accept to marry without resistance frank, but something of the apathy, ignorant motives unconscious anomalies strengthened in during adolescence and is unable to cleanse itself of impurities and their negative attitude towards the opposite sex as a result of condemnation femininity and when will the new wife Boajptha you will find great difficulty in achieving the required adjustment from them, which leads to disturbing the married life.
Here we see the need to educate young men and women of culture, which illuminate their psychological mysteries of the human soul and guide them to the means to overcome the perverse trends and achieve consensus to start married life.