Freedom of expression to the right of lawyers and the formation of professional associations and their accession

Lawyers like other citizens, have the right to freedom of expression and association and to join the meetings. They are entitled to, a row in particular, to participate in public debates on law and justice and human rights promotion and protection, and to join local organizations, national or international, its composition and attend its meetings without being subjected to restrictions professional because of their lawful action or their membership in a lawful organization. In exercising these rights, lawyers shall always be in accordance with law and recognized standards and ethics of the legal profession.
Professional associations of lawyers
1. Lawyers for the right to form and join self-governing professional associations to represent their interests and encourages continuing education and training and protect their professional integrity, and elect the executive bodies of these associations by its members. And exercise

Disciplinary proceedings against lawyers in the case of non-compliance with codes of professional conduct for lawyers, law and custom, national and international standards and norms

1. Set by the legal profession, through its appropriate organs, or by legislation, codes of professional conduct for lawyers shall be national law and custom and international standards and norms recognized. 
2. Consider the charges or complaints made ​​against lawyers in their professional capacity, promptly and fairly under appropriate procedures. They shall have the right to a fair hearing, including the right to assistance of counsel of their choice. 
3. Disciplinary proceedings against lawyers before an impartial disciplinary committee formed by the legal profession, or before an independent statutory authority or court, and subject to independent judicial review. 
4. Decide all disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the code of professional conduct and other recognized standards and ethics of the legal profession and in the light of these principles

من سوريا الكبرى إلى بلاد الشام: قصة التقسيم والتجزئة في بلاد الحضارات وصراع المصالح

سوريا الكبرى: رحلة عبر التاريخ والتسميات

مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" يُشير إلى منطقة جغرافية تاريخية واسعة شملت بلاد الشام الحالية (سوريا، لبنان، الأردن، فلسطين) بالإضافة إلى أجزاء من العراق، تركيا، مصر، قبرص، شبه الجزيرة العربية.

نشأة المصطلح:

  • العصر الروماني: ظهر مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" لأول مرة في العصر الروماني، حيث عُرفت المنطقة باسم "سوريا salutaris" أي "سوريا المُخلصة" أو "سوريا المُباركة".
  • العصور الوسطى: استخدم المسلمون مصطلح "الشام" للإشارة إلى المنطقة، بينما استخدم المسيحيون مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى".
  • العصر الحديث: عاد مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" إلى الظهور في القرن التاسع عشر مع ظهور القومية العربية، حيث تبناه القوميون العرب لوصف وحدة جغرافية وتاريخية وثقافية مشتركة.

الدلالات السياسية:

  • الوحدة العربية: ارتبط مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" بفكرة الوحدة العربية، حيث اعتبره القوميون العرب خطوة نحو تحقيق حلم الدولة العربية الواحدة.
  • الصراع العربي-الإسرائيلي: استخدمت إسرائيل مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" كذريعة للتوسع الإقليمي، مدعيةً أنّ هذه المنطقة هي أرضها التاريخية.
  • الصراعات الداخلية: استخدم بعض المجموعات الإثنية والقومية في المنطقة مصطلح "سوريا الكبرى" كسلاح سياسي للدفاع عن مصالحها.

أهمية سوريا الكبرى:

  • منطقة حضارية عريقة: تُعدّ سوريا الكبرى منطقة حضارية عريقة شهدت نشوء العديد من الحضارات، مثل الحضارة الكنعانية والحضارة الآرامية والحضارة الإسلامية.
  • تنوع ثقافي: تتمتع المنطقة بتنوع ثقافي غني، حيث تضم العديد من المجموعات الإثنية والدينية.
  • موقع استراتيجي: تقع سوريا الكبرى في موقع استراتيجي هام على مفترق طرق التجارة بين الشرق والغرب، ممّا جعلها محط أنظار الدول العظمى عبر التاريخ.


  • التقسيمات السياسية: تُواجه سوريا الكبرى اليوم تحدياتٍ كبيرة، أهمها التقسيمات السياسية التي أدت إلى تشرذم المنطقة وتفتيت وحدتها.
  • الصراعات الإقليمية: تُعاني المنطقة من صراعات إقليمية ودولية، ممّا يُهدد استقرارها وأمنها.
  • التنمية الاقتصادية: تواجه دول المنطقة تحدياتٍ اقتصادية كبيرة، ممّا يُعيق تحقيق التنمية المستدامة.

مستقبل سوريا الكبرى:

  • الحوار والتفاهم: يُعدّ الحوار والتفاهم بين مختلف مكونات المنطقة ضروريًا لتحقيق الوحدة والتكامل.
  • التعاون الإقليمي: يُمكن تحقيق التنمية والتقدم من خلال التعاون الإقليمي في مختلف المجالات.
  • التعايش السلمي: تُعدّ ثقافة التعايش السلمي واحترام التنوع ضرورية لبناء مستقبل أفضل للمنطقة.


تُعدّ سوريا الكبرى منطقة غنية بالتاريخ والثقافة والحضارة، ولكنها تواجه العديد من التحديات. إنّ تحقيق الوحدة والتكامل في المنطقة يتطلب جهدًا مشتركًا من جميع مكوناتها، وذلك من خلال الحوار والتفاهم والتعاون الإقليمي.

Freedom in Syria, Libya approaches: either you or flipped Oguetlkm

What is the nature of the Syrian regime, which shoots on demonstrators against him? Image that reflects more than anything else, this crisis brought before the whole world in a speech last week, Assad told the Syrian parliament. I went to a lesser extent the same speech, as far as most people in the parliament   
Communism in Russia we used to see all the delegates of Party Congress standing up to cheer for Canutatourahm over a minute long. Who are the members of the Syrian parliament against those who seek respect for Bashar, the son of Hafez al-Assad upper Amagdouna as leader of the world, dramatically Anbtahon disgusting, worship him as God. Never before have such scenes in Parliament.There was also opposition and even the provinces did not admire and like never Mubarak son of God.Egypt's Mubarak and Sadat was truly democratic in relation to the Syrian regime brutal upper range, especially the Assad family. In the past, held long talks with senior Syrian officer later died too.

The Syrian regime and dignity lost.. Intimidation and killing of citizens does not make glory, or tying free

Showed the noisy protests that bore the name 'Good Friday' and included various parts of Syria yesterday, that confidence between the regime and the people, or the majority of whom, almost non-existent or lacking entirely, for several reasons, foremost of the protests came one day after the abolition of emergency law and the Court Security Supreme , and more than about fifty martyrs have fallen through, the highest number since the start of popular uprising nearly two months before the Syrian . 
It is true that the cities of Dara and Homs have seen the momentum the largest in the protests, in terms of the number of participants who have high regard by some observers of tens of thousands, but what is more important than that it, any demonstrations, and came to the cities of Syria remained calm throughout the past few weeks, did not participate sons never where, such as the cities of Hama and Aleppo . 
It is clear that people did not believe the statement to cancel the emergency laws, did not believe that the approach to security will change in terms of Dealing with the demonstrations through bloodshed and participants, and with every right to do so, and killed more than fifty witness confirms that he has not changed anything on the ground . 
People continued to adhere to its demands, and security of Egypt to address roughly the protests, which means that the crisis in Syria would last longer, and perhaps intervention phases bloodier in the coming days or weeks, even bringing one of the parties, the people or the government, the white flag, surrendering and admitting defeat. . 
Is interesting that the tone of the claim by dropping the system was the highest tone of the demonstrations yesterday, which was not the case in its predecessor, where slogans were for the most part, calls for political reform, and the launch of freedoms, and to amend the constitution and issuing new laws for the media and political pluralism, which means that the ceiling of demands rise in an unprecedented way, and that the gap is widening, between the ruler and the ruled, to the extent that it is difficult bridged in the foreseeable future . 
The Syrian regime lingered in the application of political reforms over the forty years of his reign, and relied on the security services deadliest to impose its prestige, and to terrorize its citizens, but it is clear that the prestige of this system began to erode in return for the fall of the culture of fear among his opponents, the equation will change the face of Syria's old and emerging and another side is totally different in terms of features and its strategy and its regional and international . 
'' 'System, which imposes its prestige through the security services, and repressive policies, has popularized longer than others, but the end is more dramatic, and there are many examples in this regard, some of an international system such as Ceausescu in Romania, and Franco in Spain, and some other Arab systems such as the Tunisian and Egyptian . 
There are growing fears of a possible explosion of a sectarian war in Syria if it continued protests, and stepped outside parties, Arab and international, in an attempt to employ them to tear the social fabric and national unity of Syria, this is possible, and we have a clear example as being of the Libyan revolution . 
We are talking here about sending the United States by U.S. drone aircraft to meet the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and hunt supporters and troops in the cities, as well as to send all of Britain, France and Italy, advisors and military trainers as a first step, or introduction, to send in ground troops . 
Uprising or revolution, the Syrian, call it whatever you like, characterized by being entirely peaceful, and resisted the participants, like their Egyptian counterparts, Yemenis, Tunisians, all the pressure, by the system or the sponsors of foreign plots for militarization, and the payment of sectors including the resort to arms to defend it against the intrusion of the system and their security . 
It was interesting that there is order among the demonstrators on the consecration of national unity, and avoid the risk of falling into the trap of sectarianism, and this is reflected clearly through the participation of all kinds of political and religious spectrum, religious and national organization without any exception . 
Difficult for us to deny the existence of a solid base in support of the system within the Syrian society, after forty years of absolute rule, formed layer of a beneficiary, associated with its future and even its existence and continued down the system and its solid control over the destiny of the country, after the collapse of the regime of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt by the revolution of youth liberation we have seen the new transitional regime arrested most of the symbols of the previous era including President Mubarak himself and his children and solve the ruling party and the confiscation of all assets, funds and property. Therefore Ststmit base of the Syrian regime to defend him, and to maintain continuity in all ways and means, which may lead to prolonging the crisis, and its descent into bloody clashes in the end if it does not overcome the mind, and Syria's interest in all the key players in government or opposition . 
'' 'Biggest sin committed by the Syrian regime, in our opinion is to insult his security for the majority of the people, and elite cultural, political, and underestimate the capabilities of these people and their reactions, and betting on security solutions for all issues and positions, small or large, it is now paying the price for this sin of security and stability . 
We do not have a magic crystal, and read the fortune so that we can provide the features of the future prophecy set in Syria, and what we can say that what we saw yesterday, and what we've seen over the past six weeks from the rejection of the reforms of the root system does not inspire optimism . 
There were many opportunities in front of the system in order to reassure the people, and underlines the seriousness of his intentions toward reform, the last ten days ago when he was in connection with the formation of the new Syrian government, went begging, as a lot of missed opportunities earlier . 
Some accuse us, especially in the circles of the system, and he criticized us, to provide advice on the need for reform and how it is done, what can we do so, and we see the Syrian street is boiling demanding change, and offers dozens of martyrs, even hundreds, to get to the legitimate goals . 
Personally, I wish that someone like Dr. Aref Dalila, or any independent person, other than the opposition, entrusted with the formation of a government of national unity of the faces of the different shades of mosaic Syrian, and known for their cleanliness, experience and ability to change, but what we wish for something, and what has happened and is happening on the the ground is something quite different, we say a lump in our throats, so we put our hands on our hearts for fear of what is coming . 

Uprising of the Syrian people and the disappearance of the fear of death despite the siege tank Baath regime

The descent of tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets and squares of most cities in Syria in 'Fri Challenge' yesterday, and the fall of more than twenty martyrs shot by security forces in Homs, Hama, confirms that a wide sector of the Syrian people do not fear death, and that the landing of tanks to encircle the cities did not succeed in killing , or put down, the Syrian uprising . 
Uprising in Syria is still peaceful, rejects all provocations lead the security men to turn to the military rebellion, despite temptations and incitements big coming from outside the border, because the degree of political awareness, moral is very high in the ranks of the sons of the Syrian people, they understand the risk of a spark civil war and the outbreak of strife sectarian, as also know that the battle would not be commensurate with the system have a strong bursting with the latest arsenal of weapons and army will not hesitate to use them to crush any armed rebellion Ahli . 

The Baath regime in Damascus and Israel flirt to escape from falling is the same guarantee for the existence and security

Surprised Mr. Rami Makhlouf Syrian businessman and cousin of President Bashar al-Assad's statements he made ​​to The New York Times ', which he said that' there will be no stability in Israel if there is no stability in Syria '. 
Source of surprise that such a link, which resorted to like him, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, can not serve the Syrian regime, which is supposed to belong to him by Mr. Makhlouf, was placed on top of the list of U.S. sanctions imposed on a group of Syrian officials accused of playing a significant role in the implementation of the policy the bloody repression that have been used to counter the Syrian uprising . 
Paper is the strongest in the hands of the Syrian authorities was to being a reluctance to support the resistance in both Lebanon and Palestine, and the address of the settlement enterprise Israeli expansionist, and such statements may serve many people who question this approach, and weaken many of the other hand those who defend Syria enthusiasm because

Lies of the Syrian regime for defiance, resistance and defense of Arabism fever is no longer deceive a

'If Syria began, Arab history will fall and everything will fall Geography Arab' ... Writer and journalist for the Lebanese .   
'Everyone turned to Syria because there is a plot to overthrow the battle with Israel' ... Lebanese MP.'What is said in some of the media for the chaos and killings in Syria, a figment of the satellite channels and amplified the theme of' ... Lebanese MP last .   
The tip of the iceberg as many Lebanese racing these days to be said about Syria and what is happening there. I said, 'If Syria began to' which is intended to Syria because of its homeland and the people will never go unless the resurrection and Syria and others wiped off the map !!   
The second said, 'to drop the battle with Israel' because modesty prevented him from getting carried away in

No dialogue with tanks .. The Syrian people refuse to lie down before the tank system and provides more of the martyrs on the altar of freedom

Out of tens of thousands of demonstrators in various cities and towns Syria after Friday prayers has become commonplace, as well as the feet of the security forces to fire on demonstrators calling for democratic change and the launch of freedoms, but new this time is the widening protests, which refutes the belief began to take shape that the intensity, any protests began to decline due to the success of security solutions used by the authority and its . 
It is true that human rights organizations spoke about the death of 27 people in the protest demonstrations on Friday and this number is large by any standard, but what is more dangerous than that embodied in the two main points to be stopping them both : 
'The first: the protests along the north-eastern areas, particularly those with high-density Kurdish, in Deir Al-Zour and Qamishli.

Al-Assad and the Kingdom of the inevitable end: four decades of repression and intimidation did not make the people obedient

What in fact happened on Monday in the city of Galilee area bridge? How really killed 120 of the men of Syrian security forces? Do you, as claimed by Damascus, killed a deadly ambush prepared by 'armed bandits has the support of a foreign country'? Or perhaps talk about a violent confrontation between the Syrian army and fleeing? 
If the incorrect reports of the fugitives, who come from the opposition elements in Syria, Assad in the problem. If we add the flow of Palestinian refugees to Turkey, Erdogan's comments against Assad and the Franco-British efforts in the Security Council to make a decision, despite Russian objections condemnation Vstfhmun Why sponsor 41 years for the Assad family in Syria that ends .   
Escape. Network 'island' has offered the world a young lieutenant, Abdul Razzaq Talas, narrated that he joined the army to defend Israel against the Syrian people and not to participate in the crimes witnessed in

Regime in Syria .. When the citizen free himself from his humanity and takes the citizen of his humanity and becomes inferior to the dogs

In the text entitled 'the citizen and the dog' hold Mohammad Maghout dialogue amusing between animals and humans, summarized and Trajekoumidia object Arab devoid of humanity to an end the use of 'dog' to broadcast the complaint and Mkasemth ordeal, not far from the custom of the Arabs old when they were Athiron night Vinbhon to barking dogs Fiksdunha search for food or shelter .   
However, in the text Alastenbah Maghout does not move but calls for friendly dogs, the police officer junction groups, including groups Nabhh Almstnbhh! And wearing a police officer in this regime the text mask, but the mask seems more humane face .   
At the end of the text to consider policing as a human being and citizen barely respond to him. The system is in fact pulling the citizen of his humanity to be easy for him by the lethality.

Syria, an uprising and terror vampire Maher Assad

In a short video raises chills, was secretly filmed three weeks ago inside a building is closed, and it is unclear in any city in Syria, showing the bodies pile bleeding, comes the people with lowered heads spin around in the air is tense calm. When the imaging lens moves to the right, look at the picture of Maher Assad, leather coat, a brother of Syrian President, talks mobile phone overcast the face.Disturbed by the bodies, but do not worry about what is happening in the field . 
Maher al-Assad (44 years) is the day in second place in the leadership of the Syrian regime which has struggled with the second layer for the 'People's Palace' in Damascus and the General Staff.Analysts and experts likes to be called 'man of Syria's dreaded' divide and that are talking about a mentally unstable that a treat Winkle demonstrators against the regime, even if talking about the young, and the cold-blooded killer who refuse

Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people face between the promises of reform and vulnerability to extremists of Al-Assad

Began to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad losing control for the benefit of relatives of militants and troops have become laden with the burdens and the money started running out of his revolt against his rule and to mobilize support and funding . 
Given all this, analysts and diplomats residing in Syria that the international community started to plan to free Syria from the Assad family . 
However, most observers regard the Syrian view that the risk of slipping into sectarian war and large believe that Assad will fight until the end and will transform the conflict into a regional conflict by provoking the violence in Lebanon and Turkey and with Israel . 
A Western diplomat said 'in spite of everything they have done in the past few weeks of the killing, torture and

Bashar and Hafez al-Assad, the boy his father's secret: the siege, first and second murder

About two years ago she visited Damascus, a senior figure from a major Western country to discuss improving relations. At the end of the section of the official visit, called on the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, the guest to the banquet dinner with the wives intimate. They sat and talked until late at night, open jackets, no ties and no records of consultants and registrars. He revealed his heart reservoirs Assad said: 'My problem is that every year half a million Syrians up to the age of 18, and have no hope or work '. 
Assad knows, then, that under his chair simmering social time bomb endanger the internal stability in Syria. But did not do enough to change this situation and gives hope for the youth of his country.Instead of offering them future opportunities and braking of the dictatorship of the soon-Assad focused on the cosmetic frills. He ran an international campaign for re-classification of Syria as a secular and Western depending on the image of his wife,

Death to the Arabs .. Not in the front lines or fields of sit-ins, but in football stadiums

Report revealed that children are being trained fans to the football team "Beitar Jerusalem", known Bmhdjaah racists against Arabs, the racist anti-Arab slogans during the games, including "Death to the Arabs ". 

The newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", had been training for children fans, at the age of six and seven years, with the launch of racist chants and insults against the Arabs during the training team "Beitar Jerusalem" on Sunday, and that there are three video tapes have been introduced to the Internet documenting that . 
And appears in a video tape one of the fans instructing children to say "you shout 'Hopa' We sing 'Sakhnin adulteress,' Well," in reference to the Arab team in the Premier League "Sons of Sakhnin ".  
In another section of the tape a screaming child, "the Jewish spirit is pure "   
While it is fans, "the Arab is the son of an adulteress" and then screaming three children "To Train - To" The

What does it mean and why leaves turn wasting your precious time to play a deck?!

See Mman sight, static movement, has focused all his senses and his temper in what holds between his fingers, afraid for the future absent, think carefully about wasting his time and plays with in his youth, had lost the flower of old angry with God!!
How I tried to aspects, but it refuses to except misguidance and destruction, then says to you without indifference (the owner of Mali, each one is free condition), you seek serious about being guided and advised him and get him out of Alzloumat to light, but to no avail ... while he seeks a serious and diligent to remain in Dilalth and the stubbornness and refuses Fssogah ... advice and love dedicated to him, and insists to stay on the side of evildoers and far from the love of God and His Messenger r .
I ask: Why spend your valuable time to play a deck?! And complacency will be to: Is it haram?!

Deviation of the media and fit the dreams of young people with new ideas

The effects of betrayal transport emergence of deviations among young people due to watch a movie or a representative; where that article made ​​no distinction between the crimes of murder, rape and theft and drugs, among the few items relating to aspects of science. The missing link between the media and education.
The course will be the dreams of young people commensurate with their new ideas and best imagine now to be like the imitators of them, if I asked a young man of his dreams and aspirations will not be strange to be answering: I hope to become like (the singer falling, or your immoral, or ...) but, even historical figures to be emulated in his view has become an infidel, or immoral characters, such as: Bonaparte, Churchill, Hitler ... And others who were the bitterest enemies of Islam and Muslims.
Disappeared and the images bright and luminous and followers of the Companions and the righteous of the eternal ancestors of the nation at Mohammedia

Internet knowledge among the beneficial and harmful misinformation

He does not sleep for the dawn prayer, and pray all the imposition in his time and devoted one day a week at least inspect the conditions of the poor up or ties of kinship, or help the needy or the ...Lithuania did not lose days in the mosques and condition.
Suddenly, without warning, so that was soon turned upside down, and on the back of Batna, plagued Baptla great! When he saw those images of child pornography Vajrat, has become known as a prayer and erased from the dictionary!! He says (and follows other than Islam will never be accepted of him) Al-Imran:
Is waking up for that when the student enters the university gate soon not even go to what they call the (coffee shop) and the language of the common folk wise (the destruction of homes), and there you all know what is going on!! This is engaged in the search for a girl know how the eyes and language puzzles short ...

Crises for young people: to commit immoral actions and the use of all evils

We have assembled at this address between the "immorality" and "evil", because we will mention in this section of the "special crisis", a number of "immorality" sin, and some of the "evil", which does not reach in from Makkah to end "outrageous" large, although we see all these "crises", those who do a lot of people, young people in particular, so we arranged the title as such, to be able to warn the "young" of those "evil", which some are trying to play down the danger, and the reduction of the effects of injuries and deficits, and the most important "youth crisis" in this area include:
1 - adultery:
"Adultery": obscene, and is a major sin, no difference of opinion among all heavenly religions, why Tbha law of the Prophet, nor

Low scientific level of young people, reasons and implications

"Knowledge is light," and "light" guidance, insight and awareness of, and "ignorance": the darkness, and there is a big difference between the two, they are not equal at all .. God Almighty said: {Say: Are those who know and those who do not know}, and the Almighty said: {and sits blind and the seeing are * not * the darkness nor light nor shade nor Aharor * sits and neighborhoods in the dead}.
The level of awareness in humans, is determined by its level of scientific, the higher the note of the increased awareness and understanding and knowledge, so the rational God of His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, to seek an increase in the flag and said to him: {say Lord Archived note}, and the guidance of the whole nation, and urged her learning, and higher than ever.
And "youth" are often students of science, pupils understand the institutes and universities, who are graduates and graduates, and they

Youth social crises, crises of employment, housing and marriage

This is because the "young man" created in the "family", and his family believe his "pocket money" ..And "home" .. And the "charms" .. Because he did not reach the age of marriage is common, it is often "a student .." Follow up study, but as soon as graduation, or when to stop follow-up study, it tends to look for "work" .. To secure an income to him .. And then: a house .. And wife .. To settle down and live ... This is evident in every person, and is an instinctive, breaking of God Almighty be upon him.
There is no doubt that the "young", and in their first confrontation with reality, are feeling the pinch, "but. Meh" .. And they know what is it?? .. What caused the same rights of heartbreak and misery, the more grief and human misery, if faced with "crisis" alone, without parents, assist him or her. Or administrator to extend him a helping hand ...

?Who is responsible for the bad direction for the life of young people

Established a child in the family, in a society, which is when a boy, was common sense, a blank sheet of pure, all innocence and purity, in his words and his actions all, even interfere with the ideas and beliefs and behavior of accessory, from the father, or mother, or: the Crown to the order, or teacher, or ruler, or friend, that patent goes away, in most cases, and resolved in the doctrine of young parents, and influenced the morality of his teacher, and guide the governance Alambthothboasith media.
The "youth" in our time, and are under the impact of direct conflicting, inconsistent, contradictory, they end to the loss and emptiness, they read in books and publications, and hear and watch by the media, video and audio, all Almtardhat of ideas, raises them: dogmas of faith, and talk of atheism and heresy, not without a bit separated, and had them

Winning proposals that would make the traveler more time while traveling

It takes a lot of travel time, allowing many opportunities to make time available to complete travel by private and public business; so you should:
01 The check of the importance of this trip.
02 plan to travel, and intends to achieve in writing.
03 Can you go to someone else about you?
04 Place the outline of the various movements within the country by the traveler.
05 Choose the best way to travel.
06 of you will accompany you during your travels?
07 Get the necessary information for early and late flights.

?Travel time is precious, how are you have benefited from it in the far borders

** Be careful Qanonatk from carrying the evidence and official documents; so as not to Tattiylk and waste of your time,
** Make sure your luggage and your gadgets; so as not to lose, and thus you will lose time in searching,
** Took advantage of your time while waiting for the flight departure time.
** Be sure to stay in a comfortable place available where comfort and relaxation when you leave your accommodation,
** Systems you out the request and expense bills Aaachtk and reviewed until the night before departure leaves and everything is fine.

Femininity for sale .. Aqueduct pittance

After the woman 'Hait Mile' historical and heritage, is now also 'Hait Ouati' of the Arab regimes and their solutions of political, economic and social, as break ground this system from above 'Hait Ouati' search for a gap carried them to prove their positions and Kraséa and failed leadership . 
On the agenda of Arab governments, figures and statistics produced by the various ministries, and the peoples of the world is numbers and statistics vital signs on the road to development of societies, creativity and prosperity, progress and care of the citizens and improve working conditions and thus his sense of importance and dignity, these figures and statistics, anecdotal evidence is overwhelming express the depth of the crisis of civilization and life that live in human and depriving them of all their shortcomings .

In order to be loved when people gain satisfaction .. Show love and told him capture the hearts Words friendly

1_ begin peace and greeting others, in creating peace and reassurance to the other party .. 
2_ smiled, Valaptsama magical effect, and the win over the hearts. 
3_ showed interest and appreciation for each other and working people as you would do unto you .. 
4_ people to the joys and sorrows Fsharkhm in the soul. 
5_ Spend the needs of others to reach their hearts tend to Valnfos of serving their needs. 
6_ you'll pardon the lapses and to maintain the psychological tolerance. 
7_ lose in the absent and the question is one guarantee for the sum she courting and hearts.

Creativity of students in the subject of written expression .. Sentences for running the parks, industry, Computer

One of the students failed in the subject of expression, and this is not unusual to fail a student in the article was such an easy, and when the teacher asked why Rsoppe in the article said: By Allah, my brothers what the student focus every time you give written on the subject come out on the subject.They give us samples of the topics of expression by .............
He said the teacher, for example:
Type a subject for the spring .............
"Spring of the most beautiful chapters in the year, the green pastures abound allowing the sentences that are full of these grasslands, wildlife and sentences stand for hunger and thirst for days, and can walk on the sand with ease. And keeps

Facts vary with the context .. Variable standards

* Nudity .. Profligacy in the street!!. And the art of theater !! Sports on the beach
* Actress: The more clothes (short)! ! Whenever any film roles in long-
* The biggest shock : Being a mother, it remains 20 years trying to raise her child, then the girl comes in the days of neighbors Fterodah
* Fact: The only thing (not) people believe him
* Marriage: collection .. Put .. Then (beaten)! ... But before that the apportionment
* Lawyer: Of the tongue .. And throat!!! Defends his client's money to be his share is
* Host: always speaks to us saying, (Dear) !!... He does not know any of us
* The student failed: Is a student who can be (I) to his dismissal!! .. Not for the presence of others