American Curl.. His wonderful personality makes him loved by all the family

The American curly-ear cat is considered to have a very distinctive shape, in addition to the magnificence of its ears, it also has a silky and shiny coat that is classified as medium length.

It also has a wonderful personality that makes it a beloved cat for all family members, and for the origin of this breed, it goes back to the United States of America, and exactly to the state of California, where it was first found in 1981 AD.

His ears take their known shape after reaching 5 or 6 days, until the completely coiled shape begins to appear gradually, as after reaching 16 weeks of age, the shape of the ears is complete.

Blue and chocolate are among the most common colors that the American curly-ear cat comes in, and according to the year for its size, it ranges from small to medium size.

It is preferable to clean and comb the hair of the earlobe frequently in order to maintain its beautiful shape.

And not only the shape is distinguished in this type, but his personality is also distinctive, he is active and loyal and relates to his owner a lot, also he is loving and loves all family members without exception, and of course he loves the most people who care about him.

A coiled-ear cat can become attached to its owner to the point that it follows him from room to room and may even follow him when going to the bathroom.

Children and other animals:
This cat is very affectionate with children, also his great activity makes him always look for the opportunity to share their toys with children, he will love them very much, only children should be warned not to play with his ears because they attract us a lot of attention.

He can live with dogs and pets without problems, just make sure that the animals are introduced to each other under observation.