Apply for a student visa in Canada by any of the Immigration and Naturalization Service offices.. Canadian temporary residence permit. Work Permit. Study permit

Student visas are not needed for English language courses of up to 6 months or less, students from some countries anyway needing to come into temporary permit Visit Visitor Visa.

 Apply for a student visa in Canada:
In Canada, there are specific terms for visitor visas, student visas and work visas. Easier to understand visa application instructions if you know these terms.

1- In Canada, visit visas called Temporary Residents Visa).
2- In Canada, Student Visa called the Study Permit.
3- In Canada, Work Visa called the Work Permit.

If you need a student visa, you can progress to it by any of the offices of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Canadian CIC Canada visa offices before coming to Canada.

You can not get a study permit while in Canada.
You should get a student visa before you come to Canada.