Ancient Olympic Games.. Religious ceremonies and sports for peace and stop all wars

1- goals Games:
Characterized by the Olympic Games Btabaaha religious and historical place it in the form of religious ceremonies and sports, in order to bring peace and stop all wars have characterized sportsmanship as to meet the enemies in the sports arenas instead of battlefields in an atmosphere of sportsmanship.
2- Gaming time:
Olympic competitions were taking place in one day, then went in 5 days and included various competitions such as running, throwing and wrestling, boxing and racing vehicles and horses.
First day: devoted to the opening, as slave sacrifices and lead the contestants right.
The three days are devoted to pro sports competitions (individual),
Day Two: scramble boys in running and wrestling and boxing, and jump.
Third Day: The greatest day of the session scramble men in running, wrestling and boxing and competing users of arms.
Fourth day: compete in the jump, running and throwing Almzariq (a small spear), and race vehicles.
Fifth day: it is devoted to banquets and celebrations of the coronation and the winners (placing wreaths of branches Zayatin "holy" on their heads).
3- coronation Bachlelin crowned the winner of the branches of the holy oils to the Temple of Zeus can each winner to carve himself a bronze or marble on the prominent places in the city of Olympia
4- indices.