Assessment tools employed in the Arabic language lessons

  Calendar Tools is very diverse, some are questions of all kinds, including assessment tools and imaging, including lists, tables and observation, and questionnaire and interview, and others. And appropriate to each category of these tools a particular topic: Knowledge, skills, values, principles and directions.
1.2) Questions Calendar:
Open-ended questions: questions they give the learner the margins are not good for the individual to provide an answer of its own. These questions are used in the construction component in particular, take the formula and ask learners to produce a coherent and simple text and short-expressing through writing and free for personal creativity
His thoughts on the subject of a related area of ​​curriculum areas, a respectable number of criteria. 
Objective questions: a group of diverse Descenders common denominator among them, as it requires answers to test the accuracy of the information of the learner and the ability to use and has revealed the degree of control skills. And these questions are determined in the following:
** Multiple-choice questions (the basis of a question and propose answers)
** Two-choice questions (question attached Bajaptin one of which is correct)
** Fill in the blank questions (text-based proposal - a rule or definition - includes spaces required of the learner filled with appropriate words or phrases)
** Questions identical elements (based on the development of two lists of data required to match the elements of the learner from the first list of elements from the second list by a line or an arrow).
2.2) Calendar imaging tools:
Calendar Tools is a simple formula to take an explanation attached graphic explains how to use the peace and appreciation.
3) Calendar-based positions:
** Calendar group: Answer all questions individually educated according to the specific methodology and standardization
(Essay writing, for example, or to answer specific questions).
** Calendar individually: each learner individually answer the questions of questions is answered by another learner
According to conditions that may be uniform or non-uniform.
** Calendar in groups: the educated answer, after Amawa into groups, for specific questions
Group or shared between groups.
** Interactive calendar: the achievements of learners after each other to answer questions about calendar.

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