Say: Travel in the land

Which explains the chest and removes the withdrawal of worry and distress; travel home, and spare wilderness, and volatility in the vast land, and look in the book of the universe open to see the pens ability is written on the pages exist the verses of beauty, to see the gardens of delight, and kindergartens and elegant gardens of luxurious growth?, Get out of your home and hopes what is around you and between your hands and behind you, go up the mountains, the coast valleys, climbing trees, Heb Anumeir of water, put your nose in the branches of jasmine, then find your soul free loose, like a bird Ahlgred swim in the space of happiness, get out of your home, take a black cover for your eyes , and walk in God's wide Fjaj saying a swimming pool.
The reclusion in a tiny room with the deadly vacuum successful way to commit suicide,
And not your room is the world and not you of all people, did not surrender to al-grief, not Vahtf Bbesrk and your hearing, your heart, go forth Khvava and put a heavy, come to read the Quran here, among the tables and underbrush between the birds which follow speeches of love, and the water which tells the story of the arrival of the hill.
O The complainant and your disease
Be nice you see a beautiful presence
Do you see the thorns in the roses and blind
 To see it dew wreath
The lanes traveling in the earth fun recommended by doctors for those heavy, by itself, darkened by the narrow room, let us travel to rejoice and be happy and think and reflect on ((and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: Our hero Glory)).