Love and money, whichever is the strongest?

The relationship between the beautiful city, "Halima" of twenty years and guarded "Hussein" who was not older than three years, a love affair in every sense of the word meaning, they loved it, "Hussein" from a young Otafarh love a violent torrent, not bounded by borders or Thdzh barriers .. It was not beautiful, "Halima" Blida that do not understand what touring in the heart of this boy Mutaim that "enjoying living for, and acknowledges his decision, Fbadlth love with love and feelings sincere feelings and emotions, including the like .. and became Vaadha madness in the hands of this knight commando in the world pg .. and found itself mired in love with this beloved overnight nicely haunted and yet I am and where I went and had become .. "Halima"
Find pleasure in the suffering did not find it since it opened her eyes to the attractions .. How can we not love it has become a cushion for a comfortable resort to whenever armies stormed the vacuum .. Or concerns of the unit .. Thus, closer bonds of love between lovers, my heart .. Vtaahda to meet and marry .. 
The girl was Almulhh "Halima" belong to poor families suffer the bitterness of the need and want ..Her father, a guard in one of the private institutions .. And received in the month is not enough to secure the expenses of the family .. As well as school supplies for his only daughter .. The mother was the housekeeping, not out of her house only occasionally for the acquisition of the needed utensils and other .. While her husband was complaining of the lack of hand and ill wife was content to divide God's family .. Do not ask people Alhafea. Calculated by the ignorant rich abstinence .. The small "Halima" was living in the tide .. Once stood in a row and her father to curse the cruel circumstances that befell the family since time immemorial .. The other side tends to charge the mother's difficult life and accept what God wrote to the family of known provision .. And maybe try not to be bitter, but the reality soon wake up from coma and negligence after a while .. Ttassa to Imam Shafi'i when he says:
If the minimum gain discernment ..
And the virtue of the mind and obtained the highest rank
... And luck Cnama livelihoods and dividing
Thanks to Malik is not a trick called
This is what it is family, "Halima" As for what was guarded like a family, "Mahmoud" was not the best condition of the case of a family girl of his dreams .. In most cases, birds of a feather flock ..Thus harmony Kulban Mutaiman before somatodymia .. Vama on beds of roses and flowers Garira crossing the eyes without the least interest in what comes next couple of days and its concealed between the folds of surprises .. Heedless or forgetful, but incidents of this world and the ordinary days ...
I was sleeping the night .... happy Bolh The accidents have you come Ismara
Was "Murad" has spent a large portion of his life in the outside and move between many European cities and worked for many years in some private and public institutions gather up large sums of money that made ​​him rich from the country .. Today, he lacks the bully, vitality and activity .. When he was young in the spring of old .. Returned today to his hometown to be his career, and engineering for the future, and enter the golden cage "marriage" to leave behind the children of the honors mentioned through the generations that need to be a woman balanced and calm him forget all the worries and distress by Bubble resting-over the past years-old but he loves beauty studded moralists qualities in the first place in the specifications of some of the men and below trivialize ..Sent "the apostles and Murad delegations so trivial to find the future .. and his wife did not take a research trip only took a few days until the option Her eyes Alsahrtin" Halima "is really a precious gem ... but he did not hesitate and new roads leading to the heart of beautiful blocked.
After long reflection, guided to the desired solution .. Went to the mother of beautiful "Halima students by Azizath, Mottaghada to provide a decent life and living satisfied her and the whole family .. and because the father .. God forgive him - did not know what is going on behind closed doors announced the approval after that make sure that" Murad "can be happy daughter physically at least, felt that the time has come to say goodbye to the family years of poverty and the need to start a new life where there are all the elements of a happy life .. and what a few days until I started the marriage ceremony and moved, "Halima" to wedlock with tears in her eyes, beautiful eyes .. I sat inside the Palace constructed laments her unhappy and crying bitterly curse the money .. and money men who do not know about human feelings and good at something only the language of money .. so long ago was the curse of poverty and lack of hand .. and today is the curse of money changer .. Glory to the conditions and divided livelihoods ..