Confession and remorse returned repentant to the right

I began as a lost sinner drunk .. darker people eat .. eat Rights Interest .. .. smite people do .. no grievances only sin committed by the very .. Debauchery .. Athachani people from my sins Say .. : 
On the day of .. I miss the days to get married and blessed with a beautiful girl .. she gave birth to a child and married to toxicity Fatima .. .. I love deeply in love with Fatima, and the larger the more faith in my heart and I said in the sin My heart .. and maybe Fatima saw me .. Hold a glass of wine .. I approached the Vozaanh is not completed Two .. and if God makes them do it ..
and the larger the Fatima faith grows and the more .. Step closer to God .. and the more gradually moved away from sin .. completed until the age of Fatima 3
Years .. 
When he completed the 3 years .. she died Fatima says : 
Swerved Worse than you .. I had no patience what gives me strength to scourge as is the true believers .. I went back Worse than you .. my rig and the devil ..
Was demonic day he said to me : Tskrn today to Sakra what Intoxicated by the likes of ..
Vazmt that Lasker and resolved To drink alcohol and I kept all night drink and drink and drink
Froitni Taatqazffine dreams .. even I saw that vision
I saw myself the Day of Resurrection has darkened the sun .. and turned to the sea Fire and shook the earth .. .. and met the people to the Day of Resurrection and the people .. .. regiments and battalions .. I between People and hear the muezzin calling so and so so so and so .. bin for viewing on-Jabbar .. Says:
I think so and so This has turned his face to the very dark with fear until I heard the caller calling my name, so .. For viewing on-Jabbar .. Disappeared people around me in this vision _ _ as if No one in the land of gathering .. and then I saw a great snake being very strong to me, opening his mouth. Fjrat I am so afraid I found the old man is weak .. I said ah: rescue me from this snake He said .. My son .. I'm weak, I can not pay, but at this point you might survive Fjrat where noted .. The snake behind me and found fire and own my face .. I said Ooherb of snake dropped into the fire   I came back quickly and make the snake is approaching so I went back to man the weak, and I said to him: God, you Angdna Cried mercy saved me .. .. Bhala said: I am as weak as I can not see anything but you pay towards That mountain you might survive Fjrat of the mountain and I saw a snake on the mountain Sikhtafna young children I heard children screaming all: Aavatma Adrki Adrki your father your father says: I knew it .. My daughter and say that I rejoiced his son died at the age of 3 years from that position Tnagdna .. .. Vokhztna right hand and pushed the snake left hand and I'm so afraid of Calmette and I sat in my lap as she sat in the world and said to me, O my father is suffering pain for those who believe that are subject Their hearts to the remembrance of Allah ) I said Aabenita .. Tell me about this snake . Said this your business you are bad Kbernh and Numeith until he almost eat you .. but you know > Iaaba that business in the lower back Polyphonic Day of Resurrection .. And I said that the weak man said that good work you are weakened by And even cried for Ohunth are you can not do anything by yourself and do not you and not that I Onjptna Was small there was anything he says will benefit you Fastikzt from my sleep and I cry: O Lord, has come has come .. O Lord, yes (Jan pain for those who believe that their hearts are subject to a male God) says, and washed out For the dawn prayer I want to repent and return to God says if I entered the mosque imam reads the same Verse (groaning pain for those who believe that their hearts are subject to the remembrance of Allah ) It is the owner of ibn Dinar Mnlaúmh Altabaaan is known about him that he was crying all night and say :
You are my God Alone who knows the resident inhabitants of the Paradise fire, which of the two men I
God, make me a resident of Paradise of the population does not make me fire Repented and Malik bin Dinar and known him that he Every day he was standing at the door of the mosque calls and says: Dear Al Assi back to your Lord ..
O Al dopey .. back to your Lord, O fugitive slave back to your Lord your Lord is calling you at night ..And the day you say : From Shubra approached me closer to him an arm, and closer to the arm approached him Sold, and came to me and I approached him walk trot
Cords blessed and exalted, to repent Trozkna
Is no God but You Glory .. I was of the evil-doers