Between true love and false love

God love Oazak beginning and end of a very fun this statement began the Andalusian Ibn Hazm wonderful introduction in his famous book about love dove longing and love. This confirms that the issue of love and love is not born of the age specific, but rooted in pre-history there are those who love the kings and princes, some of them died because of it and here is Ibn Hazm Andalusi reminds us in his book Traúv lovers and Nuadrhm depicts our lives hardship of and happiness, and love is killed It is an issue eternal remain as long as the candle of life illuminates its light dim this nature and what it was and still is nature a source of love and inspiration and provide to the hearts of the miserable things illuminating instill the love and affection I'm not here on a new definition of love not as a researcher resumes his study on a new axis is not preceded by the one but I want this
Words humble and it say the few to put points on the letters to picking a flower from every garden, avoiding spines tact to dripping pen purest nectar on the pages of Qurtas, do not pretend, dear reader, I was shooting you what failed and called philosophers, writers and thinkers and to highlight to you aspects of the hidden did not reach the pens of those pundits but Sasm you the fonts on Stoarham even give words to colors other than the usual, and her love types and forms of confounding in Avlake useless experiments there is love at first sight, but not a whole looks may be a look stolen batting her eyelids and increases heart-Hvkana is unprecedented as one who feels the risk that he is the love that seeps into the soul without prior notice, and the most important are those who think that love is asked permission hearts by storm this may be a black spot in the books of love, and continue to love this period is short, if the understanding is in place between lovers, but will last forever if not disturb they described as muddy, 
True love is the one who does not change its color does not change taste or colored pigment is Kalawtad not driven by storms do not shake the accident is the beacon that illuminates the hearts and styling souls that motivates a person to life and pulled him from loss and illuminates the way for him turns into a man healthy sound of all deviations of this is The love that a person is happy for him and continue life as it comes from the manholes net.
Love fake this kind of love is based on personal interests, which is prevalent in our times in the developed and developing societies alike as a result of globalization that globalization of human relations and social and glorify evil away from the good qualities, it is often love this failure, and ends by separation because it was not based on the principle of love and understanding but was based on personal interests, and disappears the disappearance of these interests could have turned that love to torment chiding conscience and be subject to crises of serious psychological dire consequences and is the cause for the destruction of his life, so one must look to himself and away from the interests that may be exposed to these problems due to his nature first.
And love is killed.