Decline in house prices in Britain, 3.4% in 2010

Decline in house prices in Britain:

Home prices in Britain is 3.4 per cent over the past year after declining by 1.3 during the month of December.

The Bank of «Hlivks» in a statement that the average cost for the price of the house and reached to 162 thousand and 435 pounds at a time when buyers continued to stay away from the market.

The deficit amounted to the annual price of homes, which compares the average prices during the last quarter of last fiscal year to the same period the previous year to below 1.6 a negative, the lowest level since November 2009.

But the comparison to the successive annual level showed a decline in prices by 3.4 per cent by the end of last December, which ended more at the end of 2009.

In the meantime, decreased confidence in the real estate market to hit their lowest levels in over two years time that he is concerned about the British government austerity measures and the continuing problems in the mortgage market.

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