Strategy profit from the Internet.. planning, organizing, coordination and control.

Any project to life, needs to study the feasibility and good planning, organizing and coordinating the course of the project in order to achieve the desired goal in a timely manner and with high quality and then comes the stage of performance audit from start to finish to make sure that everything is proceeding according to plan, there are four factors that must When you study the help of the project, namely planning, organizing, coordination and control.
Offers you the site Dahab Visitor Dear strategy profit from the Internet (Part II), which entitles you to work in the area of electronic commerce of various kinds
This strategy includes the following
Entrance to the definition of the strategy.
Capital management.
Preservation of capital.
Tips and instructions.
Workshop and work tools.
Entrance to the definition of strategic
 Now! Dear Visitor, you can find job opportunities on the internet quickly and easily! How so? Working with various companies and sites in the location of Dahab or deployed on the Internet, at any time you like, and there are no restrictions on your business, work at the time what you want, anywhere and win, this is the law of the Internet - what is the Qanonk you?
Types of activities that you can exercise over the Internet are endless, among them,
Companies profit from e-mail (Get Paid To Read Emails - and shortened is GPTR) which is targeted for beginners.
Investment companies of various kinds on the Internet, such as operators of funds in the stock exchange (FOREX) while achieving high rates of profit (account management systems for large companies).
Trade and online currency trading FOREX, one of the fastest and easiest way to gain fast but not free from risk of loss is, as you know Exchange Dear visitor, and a volatile market.
Win a profit from your own site such as Google, Google adsense system put Google ads on your site (specifically for webmasters) bring you a monthly income of not less than $ 100 per month (This is a fact, proven), we advise you to attention in this regard.
You can build a site of your own to introduce the services, or to sell a particular product or even become a marketer for the products of the largest companies (and agent), for example, you can become an agent for telecommunications companies in the area of VOIP, a system of communicating via the Internet to any mobile device in the world or landline phone at cheap prices so what is there now and those from within the job you are guaranteed a good income.
Before deciding on the work should have an account called e-currency or e-mail account in the bank, they are new ways to receive money from the Internet. Of course, dear visitor, you can turn those e-currency into cash and receive into your hand.Electronic Currencies used in the Internet is real money, not fake and is recognized in all countries of the world for example, paypal and e-gold and MoneyBookers, and the location of Dahab The transfer of these funds in cash to you.
One of those e-currency used to profit from the Internet is a bank e-gold, Bank electronic long you can receive your money and earnings of the companies it in to your account in this bank (opening an account for free) and then you can withdraw your money from it to reach your hand or you can recharge your account which is also more details you can visit that page, click here.
Dear Visitor to achieve profits of your business should first be available to have some specifications and the necessary skills to become unable to work in the world of electronic commerce:
Good mastery of the English language by not less than 50% because most of the work will be with companies and websites in English.
You should know Dear Visitor you will not win the overnight - you will win your efforts as you are.
There is no specific time to work on the Internet, you can work an hour or two hours or more depending on your time, and remember that the work in the beginning will effort, but with time you'll find your efforts had borne fruit for wealth for you, especially if you have a website displays the products and services it will be a machine to make money for you .
Patience and know that Allah will not waste the reward of good work, as noted above, the profit from the Internet requires patience and hard work, and if you're not serious, this is not your place dear visitor.
E-commerce for beginners
Dear Visitor, if you are a beginner and new in this world and would like to make a profit in a short period of time, you can start a number of ways, draw, including:
Working with companies such as free e-mail companies profit from the PTR, in addition to other types of free sites that are not countless, remember that many opportunities in front of you and then start with a variety of their experience now to choose the most appropriate for you.
To design your own site and there are many sites that offer the potential for free website design and hosting free example is followed by the name of the company hosting your site, but if you want to be the name of your domain name will only be a fee, but let's start with the first step is the free web site and your begin to offer services on your website, now is not Illiteracy by the computer and the Internet, but for him who has no Web site!
What are these companies and what kind of work with:
Varied ways and means to make money from the Internet, start with pressure on certain declarations against the profit to the marketing of these sites and companies in exchange for a percentage of the profit, or to register and enter your data to get a profit from it (profit system of registration), or system participating in the forums and profit of the reply on the subject, in addition to that you can become an agent for e-commerce companies such as telecom VOIP, design companies and hosting websites, you can design site of your own and where the services of those companies with a profit commission rewarding when the customer arrives to it on your way and buy a product from them.