Dead life

The name of "life" dead on my married life is the best name .. I thank God and committed and keen to apply the teachings of our religion and my husband, Governor of the prayer but it is not very keen on the other, and for this we are not our concerns and common goals, just as they say I'm in a valley in the valley .. For this, we do not discuss in a lot of things because our principles and our view is different from some ... Each one of us respected the feelings of the other, I for example, I hear what I want from the tapes of lectures and Quran, but for myself, if was my husband stopped to listen as he listened to the wants of the bands sing when you come him close it, and a preacher on this many things, my husband asked me not to give him a tape and book I advise him not every one lives by whim .. The problem is that
Our life is dead and I'm worried about my children grown up and if the young are beginning to understand how to differentiate between right and wrong. Is it better for me being ripped off or keep and what to do .. Enlighten me because I am very confused.
A: What have it today is a result of Tgosairk yesterday, where she agrees to marry a man who is weak in faith, falling short in his religion, and violated the directions the Lord and recommendations prophetic in urging the importance of Salah husband and righteous, as God said: (and Onkhawwa Aloaamy you and the Righteous , fit)-Nur, verse: 32. He said (and good things for the good of the good things and good) light, verse: 26. Came a year to emphasize the issue where he said peace be upon him: "If there comes from happy with his religion then marry" .. How many good works, who were the flame of enthusiasm in the call to married completing half their religion says they just after the public men are not committed to their marriage, religion, or a quarter less than that !! Where the Veterans for obedience and Khaltun sin Fazlt feet after proved, we seek refuge in Allah from the poplar after the furnace; and So, all sisters to Atthbtn and Atharin in the question of the religion of the suitor and the extent of his goodness and piety; because marriage ten mundane and the worship of divine and it is also often the Association of eschatological combining God the meaning of good righteous wife her husband in heaven to be his wife said to God: (they enter the Garden of Eden and a reconciliation of their parents, their spouses and their offspring) Thunder, verse 23 and said: (Enter Paradise, you and your husbands Thabron) ..
In any case It took as long as I command you unless such spouse is good and the performance of its rights and treating him to Txba possessive love and his heart, man is wired to love the best of him and embarrassed him an invitation to respond or refuses his advice .. You Ptjulh advice whenever the opportunity to preach, even if you hate it, but not advise him with wisdom and good counsel memorandum him to death and heaven and hell, and yes by God on the health and well-being and livelihood capacity .. It remains to stress is important not only must pay attention to him and beware of it with a deviation in the negligence or participation in Mnkerath obedience or disobedience to God is not in obedience to the creature in disobedience to the Creator, and remember that sin is the one day a path of happiness ..
The issue of separation and I do not think so because he prays the one hand, and because it does not appear a thing of the evil things you do not it make you, on the other, so be patient and seek and ask God to guide him, especially in worship and in the last third of the night. I ask God Almighty to guide us and him and all Muslims.